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Governance, Risk & Compliance

The Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) possibilities and solutions in ServiceNow allow you to effectively address key GRC issues. Effectively manage your internal risks and controls related to all aspects of GRC and significantly optimize your entire GRC practice.

Automating enterprise risk and control management

Effectively managing a Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) program in any organization is one of the major challenges that companies nowadays are facing. Especially now that compliance and control are becoming increasingly important in the current (global) markets and societies.

Due to the fact that GRC is always a company-wide subject that needs to impact most key departments in the organization, the Risk manager is always tackling multidisciplinary highly complex use cases. The major bottleneck in effectively and efficiently managing Risk and compliance is that there are no standardized methods of monitoring risks and corresponding controls. Using ‘aged’ working methods such as multiple Excel and Word documents in e-mail attachments, both the Risk/Compliance officers as well as the involved business users will easily ‘get lost’.

In order to break through these unnecessary impeding barriers, a centralized system should be adopted in which a standardized, workflow driven way of working enables all stakeholders to efficiently and effectively contribute to the GRC organization.

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The solution: ServiceNow GRC

ServiceNow GRC provides the organization with out of the box control frameworks, workflows, risk assessments, control attestations and automated notifications, which will allow the organization to rapidly implement a viable system to facilitate and optimize their GRC organization.

A key unique advantage of using ServiceNow as your GRC tool is that the entire risk and control framework can be logically linked to your central CMDB. The complete and accurate overview of your IT landscape, which makes up the ServiceNow CMDB provides a solid foundation for managing (IT) risks and related controls. The ServiceNow solution allows the organization to automatically generate and link controls to all ‘objects’ in the ServiceNow database. Whether these are business application objects, underlying IT infrastructure objects or perhaps organizational objects such as departments or locations. The GRC solution allows applying and linking risks and corresponding controls to all these elements and therefore allows us to also ‘zoom in’ on any aspect of the organization using the endless reporting and dashboarding capabilities.

In addition to the above, ServiceNow provides you with end-to-end out of the box Enterprise Service Management capabilities and an extremely flexible platform. This will allow us to help you deploy a perfectly configured GRC system that meets all your needs in a matter of weeks.

Policy and Compliance management

With Compliance Management customers can operationalize controls and demonstrate compliance at the micro and macro organizational levels. Customers use this application to create and manage a common controls framework, automate best practice lifecycles, and track the status of its compliance activities.

  • Version management of company policies, guidelines, work instructions etc.
  • Automated workflows and triggers furthermore can be implemented to ensure up-to-date documents.
  • Role based management dashboards to provide low or high level risk status.
  • Fully integrated control frameworks that allow automated control activity triggers and control status monitoring.
  • Status overviews of possible non-compliance issues.

Full control automation by leveraging the highly flexible ServiceNow platform capabilities.

Risk management

The Risk Management application focuses on the identification, assessment, response, and continuous monitoring of risk.

  • Actively monitor risks by configuring automated triggers to initiate workflows in case of risk incidents or (potential) threats and/or risks.
  • Manage and monitor risk status company-wide using smart easy to configure dashboards and reporting capabilities.
  • Automated workflows, risk assessments and notifications in case of newly emerging risks.
  • Automated Risk scoring to quantify exposure and predicted losses.

Audit management

Audit Management automates the work streams of internal audit teams. It enables internal audit teams to optimize their resources and productivity, and eliminate recurring audit  findings by using risk data to scope, plan, and prioritize audit engagements.

  • Reduce (internal or external) Audit findings and therefore decreasing risk.
  • Significantly reduce time consuming and costly activities to provide accurate audit evidence in a timely manner.

Why choose us?

We have professionals with extensive backgrounds in GRC, Consulting, Software development, ServiceNow technology. Together, the professionals provide a full package of all the required knowledge for delivering off the shelf solutions that seamlessly align with the client organization’s processes and GRC activities.

We can provide a full package solution using the expertise of its multidisciplinary highly trained professionals. This allows us to fully understand the client’s needs and opportunities with respect to GRC and design and implement the concrete solution(s). We will guide you in identifying the needs to ensure identification of the correct requirements and serve as a strategic implementation partner from start to finish.

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Jim Austin
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