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A global manufacturer and seller of sports apparel and accessories trusted us to guide them through their digital journey, which they couldn’t manage effectively. This decentralized company operates in different regions across the globe and experienced difficulties in streamlining processes between their locations. The mentioned form of organizational structure is an indicator of disorganized decision-making, which was exactly the case in their business.  

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“We are in the driver’s seat of their ServiceNow experience, so we need to drive innovation with them.” 


The number of technical issues that the company had to deal with, took away the focus of their core business, which is selling their products. We stepped in to manage the burden of the huge IT workload and provided them a possibility to set their priorities straight. Our research indicated that every region had their own version of IT processes per operating company, and nothing was officially documented, leading to the ineffective communication between the entities worldwide. In addition the company was very inconsistent and unclear in their services, because of the lack of alignment in the present service catalogue per operating entity. 


Caused by the missing ownership of our client’s services and data, and the inconsistency in their IT processes, the steps we took focused on:   

  • ServiceNow CSDM/CMDB, ITOM, ITSM, WSD (for Europe), SPM, CSM
  • ITSM process documentation and automation 
  • Apps for sales operations, importing data into CMDB 
  • Dashboarding and reports for internal cross charging 
  • Communication plans, training materials (OCM) 


Our technology-driven team brought a 100% transformational IT Excellence to the company’s data stream and established a clear data governance and ownership. Our team has been working on advisory level to enhance the client’s internal communication strategies and organizational change management so that their employees globally would be better informed about the new standardized processes that have been set up in the company. We made sure the management staff communicates services upfront. For this matter we established action plans with clear steps, aiming to push them to be transparent in the value they bring to the business. We successfully contributed to: 

  • Rapid increase of data health 
  • Enhanced relationships with customers  
  • Streamlined and systemized service catalogue 
  • Structured internal marketing and communication action plans 

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