Fully Automated DevOps Workflow

Partnering with a large semiconductor manufacturer, we automated their Software Development and IT Operations (DevOps) processes, achieving splendid results in systemizing their workflow. Our innovative application had a favorable influence on productivity in the company, boosting the employee experience.



The company’s IT teams often had difficulties dealing with DevOps requests, which slowed down the automation of workflows, particularly for new tasks. This resulted in a loss of efficiency, signaling the need for an innovative approach for workflow optimization. To address these challenges, the company began looking for new methods to improve collaboration and efficacy in its IT procedures. 


By employing our versatile interdisciplinary automation engine, IT teams in the company are now able to quickly utilize a range of integrations with just a few clicks. Moreover, with this automation engine users are able to easily deploy basic DevOps items by requesting them in an easy-to-use catalog style. 


The results of this project brought the following business value: 

  • Increased IT employee satisfaction 
  • Reduced execution times for the DevOps workflows 
  • Standardized tasks and conventions 
  • Saved time while increasing productivity 

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