Powerful Cyber Security Environment

Partnering with an international air transport group of companies, our team accelerated and boosted their Cyber Security strategy and resilience, adopting a ServiceNow Security Operations (SecOps) solution. Stepping into this project, we guided the company to enhance the overall maturity of the end-to-end Vulnerability Response lifecycles.

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Plat4mation has made an outstanding difference, providing a scalable and reliable solution, tailoring it to our specific needs.”   


In recent years, the companies’ IT department, responsible for providing the IT services for the whole group, has experienced a significant increase in critical and high vulnerabilities within their systems, resulting in a substantial rise in cyber risk. These vulnerabilities have been affecting the companies more, highlighting the need for enhanced cybersecurity measures. 


By integrating a SecOps solution, our team successfully reduced the backlog of vulnerabilities within the organization. We achieved this by establishing clear ownership for vulnerable items, defining roles and responsibilities, and maintaining a well-structured CMDB (Configuration Management Database). This framework helped the company to differentiate vulnerabilities in critical and non-critical assets, allowing the automatic assignment of Vulnerability Response findings. As a result, we significantly reduced the Mean Time To Repair (MTTR), enhancing the company’s overall cybersecurity resilience and efficiency. 


Striving to bring valuable advancements, our team successfully delivered the following: 

  • A well-structured Vulnerability Response system that provides a comprehensive view of the cybersecurity landscape 
  • A better protection against potential cyber threats  
  • Automated assignment of vulnerabilities with accelerates response time, reducing cyber risks 
  • Clear ownership and defined roles, leading to greater accountability in managing vulnerabilities

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