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Plat4mation is very proud to announce we have been named as top 10 ServiceNow Consulting/Services companies 2019 by CIO Applications. This annual listing consists of 10 companies that are at the forefront of tackling customer challenges. CIO Applications is a magazine with a unique editorial focus on bringing to light core innovations in technology.

According to CIO Applications, we are frontrunners in tackling customer challenges. In the interview with CIO Applications, Elmer de Valk, Managing Partner and CEO of Plat4mation, explains how Plat4mation uses seasoned best practices to aid its clients to maximize the immense benefits of the ServiceNow platform.

“When a company purchases ServiceNow, they inherit an extremely powerful platform. However, with great power comes great responsibility. Since the platform is so flexible, if you don’t utilize it wisely, you run the risk of going overboard in making changes or customizations, which actually extends the duration of projects, and would add to the running costs. We have an implementation approach that is based on implementation accelerators, to ensure that we’re able to guide a client to seamlessly and swiftly adopt ServiceNow”, explains Elmer de Valk.

We couldn’t have helped our clients so well without the ServiceNow platform. “From the beginning, we’ve believed in the power of ServiceNow. Instead of focusing on modules such as ITSM, we positioned us as a platform player, from the onset,” says Elmer de Valk. We are a ServiceNow solution provider that offers end-to-end services ranging from strategic advisory services to implementations. In this way, we help organizations and people achieve excellence at work.

Read the entire interview here!

CIO Applications Top 10 ServiceNow Consulting and Services Companies 2019

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