Safety4U: Safely bring workers back to the shop floor

Coping with the new COVID-19 reality in factories

As the world returns to work in the aftermath of a global pandemic, bringing workers back to the factory requires a comprehensive and careful plan with the right tools and insights in place. To address this need, Safety4U is an app developed specifically for manufacturers to easily implement new health and safety measures into work planning and processes.

The mobile-enabled app, built on ServiceNow, enables plant Supervisors and Operators to safely plan and execute work by taking social distancing rules into account and inserting new checks and steps into existing work processes.

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What can you do with Safety4U?

Plant Supervisors can do all of the following with Safety4U, digitally:

  • Routinely conduct Employee Health Screens before workers enter the shop floor
  • Create and publish Shift Safety Checklists
  • Plan work tasks taking HSE policies and social distancing into account
  • Apply geo-location to task management*
  • Monitor adherence to social distancing requirements via dashboard reporting insights
  • Conduct surveys to monitor worker sentiment

*Roadmap feature

Prevent new cases &  minimize downtime

All plant personnel can report unsafe situations via mobile to ensure that, if an HSE issue does occur, it is remediated immediately, and actions are taken to prevent it from happening again.

Ultimately, the goal is to keep your workforce healthy. Safety4U enables you to provide your workers with peace of mind and take the necessary precautions to prevent new cases from popping up in your plant. It goes without saying that a focus on safe operations will minimize interruptions in your overall plant productivity.

Warn workers to wear face masks with Safety4U

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Contact person

Jim Austin
Jim Austin
Director Americas
+1 980 257 1450