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Physical distancing is a concept that is here to stay. Everyone is hoping that a COVID-19 vaccine will soon be found, and things will get back to normal. But the reality is, even when a vaccine is available, it will take time before every human is vaccinated. A recent article in Science stated that “prolonged or intermittent social distancing may be necessary into 2022”. Where office workers can usually work from home, running a manufacturing site requires your operators to be on-site. So, the question emerges: how do you effectively manage physical distancing on the factory floor? Our answer to that question is Safety4U: an app for physical distancing and registering HSE issues.

Why Safety4U?

ServiceNow is committed to provide a solution for physical distancing. That’s why they recently launched the COVID-19 Safe Workplace Apps. But those focus more on the office worker, and not factory personnel. Given our experience implementing ServiceNow-based manufacturing solutions (like 4Industry), we felt the urge to step up and create a complementary Safe Workplace App, specifically tailored to the needs of manufacturers. Safety4U supports supervisors and operators to plan and execute work taking physical distancing rules into account. It also provides the means to quickly act on a Health, Safety or Environment (HSE) issue.


Control physical distancing with Task Management

When supervisors plan shop floor tasks associated to a production area, Safety4U’s rule-based engine checks the number of planned tasks at the same time. Of course, the maximum number of allowed workers in a production area varies, so we built the application to cater for this flexibility. When planning the tasks, the Permit to Work (PTW) workflow will prompt the supervisor to specify the PPE required for workers to safely perform their tasks. You can track PPE inventory levels (i.e. masks, goggles), so you don’t run out and have to stop the line.


Provide a safe workplace

Ensure a safe workplace by sending out pre-work Employee Health Screening surveys to validate your manufacturing staff is healthy and fit to go to work. This check-up can be extended by doing physical (temperature) checks at the plant. At the start of their shift, operators complete a Safety Checklist. This ensures every worker is fully aware, prepared and committed to follow the applicable (COVID-19) safety protocol. When they start their work, our application makes sure the maximum number of operators per production area will not be exceeded.


Quick response to HSE issues

Planning to maintain a safe and healthy work environment is important but checking compliance to safety and physical distancing policies is equally important. In case an HSE issue occurs, like when operators work too closely together, you can use our mobile application to report the issue. The initiated workflow in the background minimizes the impact of an issue and tasks prevent the issue from recurring.


Manage what you measure

To ensure you offer your operators a SHE compliant work environment, it is essential to gain insights in key metrics. Our dashboards show workflow data and location tracking data provided by the ServiceNow Mobile App. Examples are:

  • View worker density per production area to monitor physical distancing and take action if needed (e.g. prolong shifts, delay work, etc.)
  • Check number of completed shop floor tasks per production area
  • Use location data to understand worker movements
  • View number of operators that pass the Employee Health Screening survey, so you can properly plan work in shifts
  • Check PPE inventory levels to ensure you replenish your stock in time
  • And much more!


Download the app now

You can easily download Safety4U from the ServiceNow Store, where you can view all app specifications too.


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