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NIS2 Compliance is not optional —it’s mandatory. If companies are not compliant, they will face severe penalties. Moreover, board members or even CEOs of an organization can be held liable if a company fails to comply.

The Network and Information Security Directive or NIS2 directive is a critical legislative framework designed to strengthen cybersecurity measures across specific sectors within Europe. It mandates certain requirements and standards upon specific sectors and safeguards companies against escalating cyber threats such as ransomware, phishing, and data breaches.  

Increased risk of cybersecurity threat

Organizations often avoid spending too much time or money on ensuring compliance. A major reason for this is because ensuring compliance doesn’t help attract customers and is a cost driver.

Companies must remember that if you’re not investing time and money in NIS2 compliance, then you’re risking your company’s security. If security is compromised, it could take a lot of time and money to fix it. This results in damaging the future and growth of the company. It’s a huge risk with little to no benefits. 

If we simply follow the best practices and known principles, it’s easier to achieve NIS2 compliance and improve information security and cyber security posture.  Leverage the previously learned lessons and best practices and principles to accelerate your NIS2 compliance journey. One such way is to use ServiceNow.

Why is NIS2 Important

Imagine this- There is a ransomware attack on the energy company that you use. Suddenly all your vulnerable data is in the wrong hands. Not just your data, but of thousands of people. That’s why the European Union decided to protect us and our data.  

The high-risk companies are required by law to implement additional solutions, processes to ensure that they are protecting themselves against certain threats.  

Previously in 2016, the NIS directive covered a limited number of industries. But, with the introduction of NIS2 in 2024, the European Commission has expanded its scope to include a broader range of companies. This expansion emphasizes the need to minimize security risks to ensure better protection for citizens’ data. NIS2 compliance isn’t just about adhering to rules; it’s about fortifying cybersecurity defenses to mitigate evolving threats effectively. 

List of organizations that needed to comply in NIS2 VS NIS2 Compliance. NIS2 Compliance is more widespread than nis1
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Going Beyond Compliance

ServiceNow equips users with the right tools to make compelling business cases to the C-suite and their board with tangible risk-based data. For example, if an organization has gaps in the infrastructure and in all IT systems, based on ServiceNow data we can predict the chances of dealing with a security risk and the costs involved. This data not only benefits the CISOs but also the entire company. This helps foster a culture of cyber security awareness and leveraging innovative solutions to stay future ready. 

The Role of ServiceNow in NIS2 Compliance

ServiceNow is key in the journey towards NIS2 compliance. With its robust platform for digital workflows, it provides a comprehensive solution for managing risk and compliance effectively. 

Icon for Centralized Data Management for NIS2 Compliance ✓ Centralized Data Management: ServiceNow’s Configuration Management Database (CMDB) serves as a comprehensive repository for an organization’s IT assets and dependencies. This comprehensive view of your IT landscape is indispensable for identifying and mitigating security risks effectively. It’s like a library, if you know where to find all the information, it’s more practical than spending hours looking through all the resources to find your answers


Icon for Integrated Risk Management for NIS2 Compliance Integrated Risk Management: ServiceNow offers modules for integrated risk management, compliance management, security incident response, vulnerability management, and third-party risk management. These modules provide organizations with the tools to assess, monitor, and mitigate risks effectively.


Icon for Automated Workflows for nis2 compliance Automated Workflows: ServiceNow enables automation of routine tasks and processes, streamlining compliance efforts and enhancing efficiency. By automating control assessments and compliance reporting, organizations can focus on delivering business value and outcomes.


Icon for pre configured dashboards for nis2 compliance Pre-configured Compliance Dashboards: ServiceNow offers pre-configured dashboards tailored to NIS2 compliance requirements. These dashboards provide real-time insights into the organization’s compliance status, empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions


Icon for holistic approach to implementation for nis2 complianceHolistic Approach to Implementation: ServiceNow takes a holistic approach to implementation, offering maturity assessments, road mapping, and pre-configured content packs to accelerate the compliance journey. By aligning with best practices and industry standards, ServiceNow helps organizations transition seamlessly towards NIS2 compliance


In an era of escalating cyber threats and regulatory scrutiny, achieving NIS2 compliance is non-negotiable for organizations. ServiceNow is a trusted ally, and provides the tools and capabilities needed to navigate the complex landscape of cybersecurity and compliance. By leveraging ServiceNow’s platform for digital workflows, organizations can not only achieve NIS2 compliance but also strengthen their security posture and resilience for the challenges of tomorrow.

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