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We partnered with a global medical device manufacturer to reduce their cost of compliance and enhance customer service through digital transformation. Employing Customer Service Management (CSM) and Integrated Risk Management (IRM), we successfully streamlined their end-to-end product lifecycle.



As a rapidly expanding company, monitoring product lifecycles became complex for compliance. Moreover, our client relied on manual processes and tools that made effective customer communication difficult. Therefore, those inefficiencies led to a lack of visibility into quality and safety risks across the product portfolio. This posed a significant challenge in maintaining regulatory compliance and ensuring a seamless customer experience. 


Harnessing Out-of-the-Box (OOTB) IRM components, we showcased how easily the entire value chain could be digitalized. From managing customer complaints to identifying flaws and risks, our integrated IRM and CSM solutions enhanced efficiency and provided a seamless and centralized platform for comprehensive insights, ensuring smoother collaboration across departments. 


Our team successfully provided insights into product quality and safety risks throughout the whole product portfolio, ensuring effective risk management. Furthermore, we ensured smooth communication with customers, upscaling the customer service that the company provides. Those improvements resulted in an increase in overall efficiency and productivity across operational functions, and brought outstanding business value, including: 

  • Enhanced work satisfaction for the employees 
  • Insightful visibility into product quality and safety risks 
  • Boost in overall efficiency and productivity in the company

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