Innovative Facility for Productive Flow

A large sports apparel manufacturer aimed to digitize the employee experience in their facility, automating old manual processes. Adopting our Workplace Service Delivery (WSD) Facility Management application, our team set up a one-stop-shop portal for facility services, providing a simple and innovative room booking system.



Our client needed to consolidate their facility services into an enterprise service management model and replace the old room booking methods while moving into a new state-of-the-art office. Their goal was to simplify the flow for their employees, providing a modernized digital facility environment. Those innovations would allow the employees to be more efficient and productive in their work. 


Our WSD adoption seamlessly streamlined all facility-related services in a portal, users were already familiar with. Combining the interface for IT and Facility services created a unified and digital employee experience, providing an optimized and productive environment for the people. 


The company has achieved a simple, two-way engagement between Facility staff and employees, making any type of request intuitive and easy. Using WSD, an average of 1150 meeting rooms are now being reserved each month, saving employees about 190 hours of productivity. For the people, we brought the following business value: 

  • An optimized digital environment 
  • Simple, innovative and intuitive request system 
  • A more productive flow, boosting work satisfaction 

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