Move4U – Our End-to-End Relocation Suite

A European governmental department facilitates hundreds of moves of diplomats around the world yearly from one embassy to another. We assisted them onboard our Move4U application suite to make employee relocation process more efficient, transparent, and user friendly. We empowered the organization with a culture of 100% operational excellence, helping them strengthen their transportation, storage, insurance, claims settlement, and invoicing processes.

“This is a lighthouse project for us. The new solution simplifies the relocation process substantially and promotes digitalization in the industry.” 


Our client’s employee relocation processes lacked automation and standardization, causing disruptions in project execution. Each of the relocations required precise transportation management, as well as preparation of resources. The transportation itself was managed with a variety of unfit manual tools. Furthermore, due to the unstructured and distributed data, reporting on the management was difficult. Overall, the organization’s processes lacked transparency and entailed severe media breaks. Those inconveniences led to unpleasant employee experience and operational overheat.   


Examining triggers from HR and SAP systems, our innovation-driven team provided the organization with an automated move request portal, offering our Move4U app suit to manage the move and transportation digitally within the platform. We ensured our client with fully digitized inventory lists, vendor bidding, transportation tracking features, and an underlying workflow engine. Tracking and processing is now done via a portal available for external logistics companies to inform about the actual transport process along the way. 


We empowered our client with standardized moving process, providing automation, time savings and improved quality. Adopting a single easy-to-use move portal, we improved employee experience and operational efficiency. From this project, we brought to the table the following business benefits: 

  • 24/7 process status transparency for all stakeholders 
  • A single platform for all move request related information 
  • Significantly reduced bidding process preparation time 
  • New reporting opportunities by the click of a button    

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