Going back to out-of-the-box

Over the last couple of years, we supported >10 of the largest ServiceNow customers to efficiently migrate from a heavily customized instance to an out-of-the-box instance. Our proven migration approach is fast, reliable, and risk-free.

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How we do it

We gradually migrate user groups from your current instance to the new one—without any heavy lifting or headaches.

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Kick-start new instance

We stand up a new ServiceNow instance—tailored to your unique business needs and work processes—while you continue to work on your old one. Using Connector4U, we duplicate your current instance.


Gradual migration

User group by user group, we onboard your people and processes to the new instance. Data from the old instance is transferred to the new one for a seamless transition. Your day-to-day operations won’t miss a beat!


Onboard the organization

A migration of this kind requires intensive Organizational Change Management to make sure the new system gets adopted. Thankfully, we’re masters in realizing a high user adoption.


Continuous improvement

Once the new instance is up and running, we help you set up continuous improvement for the platform.

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Shell replaces ServiceNow

Wanting to get rid of their customization but finding de-customization too expensive, Plat4mation ended up replacing Shell’s over-customized ServiceNow instance with a fresh out-of-the-box instance.

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Don’t just take our word for it…


The new instance enables us to develop our global ServiceNow instance further. It unlocks new ServiceNow standards for automation and reduces our upgrade and running costs significantly.

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Are we not reinventing the wheel when starting fresh with a new instance?

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No. It’s the exact opposite of reinventing the wheel. Since ServiceNow has gone a long way in adopting industry standard practices like ITIL methodology, you will not have to customize processes as they are already good as they are. An OOTB instance will therefore only save you time and costs!

How long does a migration to a new instance take?

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This depends on the number of users, level of customization and adoption. The largest customer we ever migrated (130,000 users) took us 12-14 months.

Why not migrate with a big bang?

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There’s a lot of risk involved with a big bang migration. If you have e.g. 50,000 users, and 1% has issues after you flip the switch, your IT service desk will be swamped with calls—which they cannot handle all at once. And if you got broken back-end related processes that block fulfillers from doing their work, the chaos is complete. So, a big bang is not the way to go.

How does Plat4mation make sure users adopt the new way of working in the new instance?

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We start with training the users, making sure they understand how the new process works by measuring feedback during the sessions (part of our Continuous Improvement approach). After the go-live, a survey will tell us how the users have experienced the migration and adoption of the new system. We pinpoint improvements regarding adoption for the next user group. We also measure the utilization of the new instance to make sure the feedback matches the data.


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