App4mation opens new office in India

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In a few months’ time, our sister company App4mation will open a new office in Bangalore in India. Located at the heart of India’s Silicon Valley, 4Mation Technologies India will focus entirely on app development and maintenance. This will speed up app creation and launches of new functionalities for existing apps.

App4mation builds custom apps on the ServiceNow platform for specific business needs. The office in Bangalore will be responsible for the development and maintenance of these apps, to fasten app development and launches of new functionalities for existing apps. Next to providing specific front-end and back-end skills necessary to build custom apps, they will also make sure apps stay functional after new ServiceNow releases.

Several countries competed in the race for the location of this new office. Eventually, App4mation chose India because of the wide availability of IT talent, it’s growing economy, favorable currency conversion, and low setup and operational costs. The choice for Bangalore was simple. With several tech universities around the corner and competitor, product and partner ecosystems nearby, it was the ideal place to set up the new branch.

The establishment of 4Mation Technologies India is led by Gerold Livingston. Next to setting up the organization from scratch, like arranging office space and necessary infrastructure, he will also build a team. “At the start, the center will have around ten to fifteen employees. The idea is to create two scrum teams with a Product Owner, Architects and Developers.” The teams will be complemented by an HR & Administration Director and a Delivery Director, to create a seamless employee experience, to safeguard administration and to determine regional policy. After the formation, Gerold will stay on in the role of Delivery Director, ensuring a smooth delivery to customers.

About App4mation
App4mation was founded by Plat4mation in October 2018. App4mation’s aim is to develop technology and business applications that revolutionize the workspace in both industrial and office settings. Where Plat4mation focuses on delivering implementation, advisory and strategic services for the ServiceNow platform, App4mation focuses entirely on the development and maintenance of custom applications.

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