The best new features from the ServiceNow Utah release

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The ServiceNow Utah release is planned for Q2 2023, bringing with it a lot of exciting new features and capabilities. If you don’t feel like skimming through the release notes, you’re in luck: in this post, we’ll give you a bird’s-eye view of Utah’s best new features! 

App Engine Studio

Workplace Builder and Experience Templates  

The Workplace Builder is a new no-code tool for citizen developers to create, preview and edit Workspaces. Experience Templates offer developers a selection of templates that can be used to create new Workspaces.   Apply filter condition - ServiceNow Utah release

Key benefits  

This tool makes work easier for developers with its easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder and intuitive user interface.  

Hidden gems of the ServiceNow Utah release


App Engine Management Center improvements  

The App Engine Management Center has received a big upgrade in the ServiceNow Utah release. Each application now has its own dashboard with reports on the quantitative usage of experiences.  

Key benefits  

This feature gives detailed insight on how applications are used. On the basis of these reports, it can be decided if the application needs to be left as is or needs to be improved.   

App Engine Management Center improvements

Table Builder improvements  

The Table Builder now allows citizen developers to use extended tables and map fields. A new Schema View gives an overview and map of tables and database relationships.  

Key benefits  

Building new tables with multiple fields can be time consuming. This update to the Table Builder allows users to create tables faster and more efficiently. If an application is comparatively complex, Schema View can be used to visualize table structures and relationships.  

Table Builder improvements

Field Service Management

Task Bundling 

Planning and coordinating your Field Engineers’ work has never been easier. The ServiceNow Utah release will include the new Task Bundling feature, which is available to users with a FSM Professional or Enterprise license. The Task Bundler enables users to consolidate multiple Work Order Tasks into a single trip.  

Key benefits  

Task Bundling leads to improved dispatcher efficiency, and reduced travel costs and time. This increases technicians’ productivity and reduces the overall backlog of planned activities.  

Task Building - ServiceNow Utah release

Equipment Scheduling 

Equipment Scheduling is another great edition to FSM Professional and Enterprise. With this tool, dispatchers are able to schedule and assign specialized tools and equipment, such as forklifts and heavy machinery.  

Key benefits 

Equipment Scheduling significantly reduces delays when a Field Engineer is pending on the availability of special equipment. Next to boosting efficiency, it helps reduce the loss or misplacement of equipment by tracking its usage with check-in and check-out procedures.  

Equipment Scheduling - ServiceNow Utah release

Process/Workforce Optimization  

FSM enterprise receives new process and workflow optimization features in Utah. Process Optimization dissects operational information within instances and uncovers hidden delays and bottlenecks. This feature furthermore improves the traceability to connect KPI trends to underlying processes. Customers can apply root cause analyses to process inefficiencies and reduce costs by implementing corrective actions.  

Process/Workforce Optimization - ServiceNow Utah release

Workforce Optimization, on the other hand, increases the quality and efficiency of organizational dispatching and scheduling. By improving shift management and time-off requests, Workforce Optimization continuously improves the quality and efficiency of service teams, while identifying and promoting resource coaching and team improvement initiatives.  

  Workforce Optimization - ServiceNow Utah release

Customer Service Management 

Omnichannel Callback 

For many of your customers, telephones are still the preferred channel of communication; that means they want to call customer service and speak to an agent—quickly, preferably.  

Key benefits  

Before, your customers had to wait in a queue if all agents are busy—not anymore! This neat new feature allows customers to request a callback from an agent. It gives customers the flexibility to be called back as soon as possible or on a specific date, either via a voice-call or videocall. This can be requested by submitting a form or right from the virtual agent.  

Omnichannel Callback - ServiceNow Utah release

I hope I’ve given you a neat overview of the best of the new ServiceNow Utah release. If you’re left with any questions, feel free to shoot us a message!

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