Why IT service providers don’t have to choose between Operational Excellence and a great CX anymore

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Customer expectations for businesses providing IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions are on the rise, pressuring IT service providers to improve their customer experience (CX). While it’s common to think that customer-facing employees are the front-runners in delivering a smooth customer experience, it’s actually the underlying operational excellence and data that play a crucial role in providing great customer journeys. When issues occur, they are usually complex by nature and require significant time and resources dedicated for customer engagement, diagnosis and fix. For large-scale managed service providers, this is a significant investment that comes at the cost of new innovations and launching new products onto the market.


But this doesn’t have to be this way! Nowadays, IT service providers have state-of-the-art technology solutions at hand to not only ensure service delivery and availability, but also provide a great customer experience. They can detect issues proactively and eliminate them before the customer can even pick up the phone. This is especially important for large-scale IT service providers who need to safeguard customer operations.

In the end, the best service is no service. By harnessing the power of ServiceNow Customer Service Management and IT Operations Management (ITOM), we take a bottom-up approach to achieve this goal. We enable IT service providers to reach operational excellence and seamless customer experiences at the same time by:


  • Connecting the dots
    Organizations with complex products and product bundles, either hosted or on-premise, often have a scattered overview or lack of insight into which products are installed at a customer and the relationship between the products. Enabling Discovery and Service Mapping in ServiceNow eliminates the manual work required for creating, maintaining and tracking changes to customer configurations by utilizing out-of-the-box functionality, and enforcing data governance and integrity. The ability to relate components that support a service in a single overview will improve visibility of customer environments even more.


  • Proactive monitoring
    With all services and infrastructure in a single overview, you can set up Event Management in ServiceNow. This enables IT service providers to handle performance monitoring more efficiently. An intelligent alert mechanism that receives, prioritizes and processes alerts based on impact and criticality discovers issues even before they impact the customer. It allows for proactive incident and case creation, where you inform your customer of an ongoing service recovery instead of reporting a service interruption. This will improve customer satisfaction considerably.


  • Looking at the big picture
    The more complex the offered products are, the same goes for the business operations surrounding them. Global IT service providers often experience siloed and fragmented business units, process discrepancies as well as a lack of insight into shared data across silos. ServiceNow provides a unique capability to connect parts of an organization to each other, like Service Operations to Customer Support. While integrating ITOM with Service Management used to be common practice for internal IT, now it stretches beyond. Customer Service Management integrated with IT Operations Management will ensure customer-critical applications and services are monitored across global organizations. In this way, any issues are proactively detected and fixed before causing an outage during business hours.


Make your customers matter

The time you had to choose between Operational Excellence, or a smooth Customer Experience now belongs to the past. While Customer Service Management and ITOM can deliver business value when implemented separately, our extensive knowledge of the ServiceNow modules enables us to help IT service providers leverage the platform’s capabilities by blending the modules across the entire organization. By looking at the big picture, we can create the best customer experiences while ensuring operational excellence at the same time. Because that’s what customers nowadays bluntly expect. Moreover, it leaves IT service providers with significant time to focus on new innovations and enrich their service offerings.


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