IT Business Consultancy Traineeship

IT Business Consultancy Traineeship: Three trainees in discussion with flat screen TVs in background

——– For NL only ———

Get to discover different customer organizations bringing in their own business IT challenges on the ServiceNow platform during our 2-year IT Business Consultancy Traineeship. Fulfill several roles in the IT business consultancy world to explore what you like and what fits best with your ambitions and skills.

Nowadays, every company relies on technology. No matter what product or service it provides. Therefore, companies continuously invest in digital transformation. But many fail to achieve its true benefits. Learn how to help these companies achieve greater value from their (digital) transformation on the ServiceNow platform by solving complex technical problems with a simple solution. We see more multinationals replacing outdated technology and digital workplace tools with ServiceNow because it’s the latest and greatest. The main reason we’re a pure-play ServiceNow implementation partner.


What will you do?

You get to choose between two IT Business Consultancy Traineeship programs:


Consultancy Program

Every 1st day of the month, starting September 1, 2022

In the Consultancy Program you become part of one of our existing customer delivery teams. Together with the team, you deliver IT solutions for different customers (like ASML and ASICS) to make their work flow. You get to deliver workshops, analyze as-is business situations, define and develop solutions, and train customer end users.

After two years you’ve had a look behind the scenes at quite some organizations and fulfilled or participated in different IT roles like Consultant, Tester, Trainer, Project Manager and Architect. You finish this program with an assignment based on your strengths and interest, like presales, coaching new trainees, managing a small project or internal training.

This traineeship kick-starts your career to become an IT Project Manager, Team Leader, Consultant or Success Advisor in the world of ServiceNow and beyond.


Client Based Program

Start September 1, 2022 (next group starts in 2023)

In the Client Based Program, you’ll form one team with like-minded, driven trainees all starting on September 1st. Together, you explore and join 2 different customer organizations varying in size, culture, and industry. Each of them with their own unique IT tech challenges. This way, you get to learn how organizations operate and see if IT Business Consultancy is a good fit for you. After this traineeship, you’ll know better how to develop yourself further based on your newly gained experiences and knowledge.

After two years, you’ll have seen how organizations, like Heineken, Philips, ASML and Aegon, work and fulfilled or participated in different business IT roles, like Consultant, Tester, Trainer, Project Manager and Architect. You’ll have experienced different customer departments for example IT, Operations, HR, facilities, or Finance. This will help you to better define your career path and what you want to grow into. At the end of this program, you are free to decide if you want to work for one of the customers you’ve worked for or stay with us!


What you bring to the table

People within our organization have different backgrounds and did extracurricular activities next to their studies like an international internship or chairing student unions. Most have a master’s degree in Business Administration, Computer Science or Information Technology. However, this traineeship is not limited to these studies only. For us, your mindset is more important than your background. To give some pointers in whom we’re looking for:

  • A bachelor or master’s degree in Business Administration / Management and Organizational Sciences / Computer Science / Information Technology / International Business and IT
  • You speak English and Dutch on a professional level
  • You have <1 year of working experience
  • You want to learn, learn, and learn some more!
  • You love a certain amount of pressure because it brings out the best in you, and you remain calm no matter what
  • You connect easily with people and get to the core of a business problem or process within a heartbeat because you always start off with the WHY
  • People trust in what you have to say, and you are straightforward in what they can expect from you and the technical solution you can provide
  • You love to travel to other places (in and outside of the Netherlands)


What’s in it for you

You can define your own career path and will be guided by a dedicated career counselor. People within our organization grow in many different directions, like Client Account Lead, Team Manager, Project Manager, Lead/Expert Consultant, Solution/Platform Architect, Developer or Director.

It could be that you already have a gut feeling what you’d like to grow into. Experiencing various business IT roles in different projects will help you validate and select one or more roles you want to become an expert in.

  • Discover the world of business IT
  • Receive a competitive salary
  • Get 25 holidays (for a full-time contract)
  • Your own laptop
  • NS Business Card
  • Opportunity to work for us or one of our major customers after completion of the program
  • Flexibility in where you work (home, office or customer site)
  • Personal development counselor (coach)
  • Elaborate training offered through our Plat4mation Academy
  • Fun, informal, and intercultural workplace with 30+ nationalities
  • Join an innovative and fast-growing scale-up company with international presence (7 offices around the world)


Our culture

Doing your Business Consultancy Traineeship at Plat4mation evolves around working from your internal drive to make a difference for people in combination with having fun. We always go the extra mile to deliver on what we promise! Joy is what connects us and what drives us to get the best out of ourselves. That’s why we host several Fun4U activities each year, diverse hackathons, drinks and inspiring knowledge sessions (check out our Instagram page!).

Your development is our number one priority. This means you get room to grow. We strongly believe that personal development and ambitions are key to our company’s success. Because when you keep learning, you continuously improve yourself. That’s why we coach you on the job, but also help you to explore and develop your people skills.


About Plat4mation

We are a global pure-play ServiceNow partner that makes work flow. Our goal is to boost workforce productivity and happiness by implementing solutions that provide great experiences and ensure work flows intelligently across and between organizations. Furthermore, we future-proof our solutions by enabling our customers to continually measure and improve performance.

Besides offering world-class ServiceNow Implementation and Managed Services, we provide thought leadership to strategically guide our customers to take full advantage of all ServiceNow capabilities. Our award-winning ServiceNow Application Development Services ensure we can transform any business need into a powerful digital business application.



Do you think one of the programs in this IT Business Consultancy Traineeship fits you like a glove and have we made you enthusiastic? Please send your CV and motivation letter to or apply directly by filling out the form below. You’ll hear from us within 5 working days!