Our top five most valued features from the Madrid release

Blog Our top five most valued features from the Madrid release

At Plat4mation we always look forward to new releases from ServiceNow. We love to play with these new features and check what it can offer to deliver more value to you. Recently ServiceNow has made the Madrid release public, offering 600+ new innovative features. We hear you thinking: which one of these features should I really look forward to?

In order to answer this question, we have asked our consultants which features would be the most valuable for you. They came back with the following top five features (in random order):

  • Agent workspace

Agent workspace delivers a modern experience for modern agents. Workspace is a configurable service desk application that increase efficiency for agents across industries by providing contextually relevant information. Basically, the agent workspace offers a new command center for prioritizing and taking action. It helps you interact with users consistently across channels and activity streams keep the latest updates in view. Next to this it accelerates resolution time  with the use of machine learning and contextual help.

  • Mobile apps (development)

Mobile devices are used every day and is the one device that can result in faster response.

ServiceNow can already be used on a mobile device, but in the Madrid release they have put in extra effort to make sure the mobile platforms are better supported.

One of the biggest enhancements is the release of a new Integrated Solutions Manager (ISM) mobile app. It is now tailor made to the device (native). This means build-in functions of the smartphone can be used (camera, gps) and it brings the same intuitive user experience as with apps that consumers use in daily life.

Next to this, ServiceNow introduced a new Field Service Mobile app. This mobile app makes sure technicians can manage their field service tasks anywhere which boosts productivity. With this application, they stay connected at all times, can access information in real time, and complete their tasks quickly. Even when the mobile device is not connected to the Internet.

As icing on the cake, ServiceNow released Mobile Studio. With Mobile Studio you can create, adjust and maintain these ServiceNow mobile apps. Easily create low-code or even no-code native iOS and Android apps.

  • Advanced work assignment

The Advanced Work Assignment (AWA) feature automatically routes and assigns work items to your agents, based on their availability, capacity, and optionally, skills. AWA pushes work to qualified agents using work item queues, routing conditions, and assignment criteria that you define. Agents use their ServiceNow Agent Workspace inbox to set their availability, see their work items, and accept or reject work items. With AWA, agents no longer manually choose work items from queues, because work is delivered directly to their inbox

  • Automated test framework quick start tests

Automated test framework is the fastest path to getting current and staying current to the latest release. Optimize your upgrade speed and lower your upgrade testing time with Automated Test Framework (ATF) quick start tests. ATF was already available in the past, but with the Madrid release test templates are supplied which makes ATF instantly actionable for you.

  • Security Operations

ServiceNow has increased the ease of use extensively. You are now able to:

  • Bring in enrichment data from your vulnerability scanner or Shodan to identify vulnerabilities at the greatest risk of exploit. Focus limited security resources on the biggest threats first with improved prioritization.
  • Get visibility for each phase of the vulnerability response lifecycle. A clear and up-to-date view of risk ratings of vulnerabilities, affected services, status, trends, and business owners leads to better and more informed decisions.
  • Create new flows quickly and easily. Playbooks and workflows are how Security Operations makes response easier for security analysts, but those analysts aren’t ServiceNow developers. Drag and drop creation and a guided experience makes the process easier.

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The complete list of new ServiceNow features in the Madrid release can be found here.

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