The (non)sense about the Incident Tasks functionality

Our goal is to take away frustration in people’s working lives. That is what the platform we use is intended for. Unfortunately, we are spotting a trend regarding the use of the Incident Tasks functionality that has the complete opposite effect. Using this functionality to route tasks is expensive, inefficient, highly administrative, typically adds to incident resolution times Рmaking end-users unhappy Рand dilutes from the true intent of the functionality.

Based on our successful Vanilla Approach, we are helping organizations to move away from a heavily customized version of ServiceNow to an out-of-the-box version. In doing so, we encounter the issue of how to utilize the Incident Tasks functionality. In heavily customized instances, incident tasks are often used by first-line service desks to route work to other departments. This is usually common practice in organizations that have outsourced their IT operations. Although you can work this way, we strongly advise you not to. Here’s why.