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How to establish a self-healing ServiceNow CMDB using CSDM

In this webinar, we share some common pitfalls when implementing the ServiceNow CMDB and explain our self-healing CMDB approach that eliminates these pitfalls and helps you establish a high-quality CMDB.

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Tokyo Release Highlights

Take a tour of the best new features from the Tokyo release and receive tips from our ServiceNow experts on how to best leverage the new platform capabilities.

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The Best of San Diego

Hear our subject matter experts highlight new and noteworthy functionalities in the ServiceNow San Diego release. The top 3 new features and improvements for each of the ServiceNow modules/platform capabilities is highlighted.

Hand showing poster: The Now Experience UI Framework Explained

The Now Experience UI Framework Explained

This poster will help your pro-code and citizen developers to easily understand how to build the coolest workspaces, portals and custom applications on the ServiceNow Platform with UI Builder.

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How to turn the employee experience into your competitive edge

The need to invest in the employee experience has never been more compelling after COVID-19 forced us to all work from home. Though many businesses are spending serious time and effort in improving this experience to boost business results, all too often efforts are driven from the employer’s or company’s point of view. In this whitepaper, we help you take the human-centric approach.

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How to create the best 360° CIO dashboard

Are you a CIO struggling to show how your digital capabilities are contributing to the business? A 360° CIO dashboard helps you gain the right insights to successfully manage your IT value chain.

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How to get from idea to business app in 10 days

Even today, many employees are wasting time on labor-intensive manual processes that can be easily automated. Low-code platforms like ServiceNow are extremely suitable to solve such problems. Yet, these opportunities often remain unexploited because people believe that building good apps requires highly skilled developers and months of lead time. For many use cases, this is simply not true! In this whitepaper, we'll prove that.

Use Cases for ServiceNow App Engine

Uses Cases for ServiceNow App Engine

Curious what the potential of ServiceNow App Engine is? This document contains 14 real-life use cases that we solved with App Engine. Using our unparalleled experience, we have designed a wide variety of comprehensive solutions that meet unique, complex and/or multiple-part business needs. Apps built using App Engine address challenges for all different types of business functions from Procurement, Finance, HR, to Fraud, and of course, IT.

Top 10 Best New Features from the ServiceNow Rome Release

Webinar recording: The best of Rome

Listen to our subject matter experts highlighting new and noteworthy functionality in the latest ServiceNow Rome release. We can't wait to show you how Rome unlocks new possibilities across the entire platform!

How La Lorraine adopted ServiceNow ITBM to manage their NPD portfolio

Webinar recording: How La Lorraine adopted ServiceNow ITBM to manage their NPD portfolio

In this webinar, La Lorraine tells you more about why they chose ServiceNow ITBM as their NPD solution, what their implementation path looked like, lessons learned were and what value they were able to realize.

Featured image Playbook - How to climb the IT maturity ladder

How to climb the IT maturity ladder

With the right IT workflows in place, you’ve probably already reached an IT maturity level that brings you the benefits of great user experiences and agility. But, you might well be wondering: how do I take the next step in IT automation? What are the most important boxes that need to be ticked to successfully move your organization to the next IT maturity level? This playbook points the way in addressing the challenges that come with transitioning to a higher maturity level.

Webinar recording: Empower your ServiceNow Citizen Developers with automated deployments using CI/CD

How do you allow ServiceNow citizen developers to develop while safeguarding application quality and platform stability? In this webinar recording we’ll share this vision and show you how it works. Furthermore, our customer Sasol will explain what value it brought their company.

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