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Drastically reduce cyber risk and costs with a digitized BIA workflow

What industry best practices do you need to establish a standardized, digital BIA (Business Impact Analysis) workflow across the enterprise? In this webinar, we will discuss why a well-designed and uniform BIA process is crucial to make risk-based informed decisions and justify investments and resource allocations to mitigate risks. And how to do this effectively with ServiceNow so that it brings maximum value.

With years of experience implementing BIA workflows in ServiceNow, we will share key insights and pitfalls in how to successfully implement these across a wide variety of industries. We’ll explain the foundation for a risk-based and cost-effective cyber risk strategy and teach you how to lower overall cyber security costs.

Key takeaways

  • Understand criticality levels of the (IT/OT) asset landscape
  • Prioritize resource allocation based on consolidated BIA risk scores
  • Use risk-based insights to lower cost of the cyber/information security controls
  • Identify cross-functional risk and compliance synergies with a harmonized BIA process

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