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ServiceNow Portal & Mobile Development

Great experiences consist of several essential building blocks. Two of those essential building blocks are a Service Portal and mobile features, which are covered by our ServiceNow Portal & Mobile Development Services.

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Sebastiaan de Vlaam
Director USA
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Portals for different personas

Providing an interactive self-service portal will boost satisfaction and drive down costs. Our Service Portal Capability group builds portals for various employee groups, like office workers, secretaries, managers, etc. and for different customer segments. They follow a documented set of technical best practices to ensure your portals perform well and are easy to maintain.

Quick & affordable portal development

Our ServiceNow Portal & Mobile Development Services is aimed at adding maximum value—both quickly and cost-effective. This is why we have created a set of building blocks to accelerate portal development. Translate4U makes it easy to translate pages in several languages. Graphs4U is a ServiceNow Store Application that is used to easily add visually appealing reports, which is ideal for managers and customers. Furthermore, this service grants access to our catalog of reusable widgets.

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Get inspired by Portalfolio

Need inspiration? Then take a look at what we’ve built for other ServiceNow customers! In Portalfolio, we’ve listed anonymized examples of some of the best Service Portals we’ve built. Going through these examples will give you a good idea about what’s possible on the platform and it will help you understand what you actually need.

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Mobile is the new standard

People expect to consume services anytime, anywhere—from any device. As a result, they expect a great Mobile Experience. ServiceNow has significantly enhanced their mobile capabilities after the acquisition of SkyGiraff. Our Now Mobile Expert group supports our customers in configuring the app with requirements like Single Sign-On and ensures your roll-out is a success.

Custom mobile apps

We believe that the most common mobile needs can be covered by the out-of-the-box mobile capabilities offered by ServiceNow. However, we also serve customers in building native mobile apps when highly specific requirements need to be fulfilled. Think of unique UI requirements, such as making the app fit for use when wearing gloves, or by using certain phone features like NFC to identify equipment in factories.

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Sebastiaan de Vlaam
Director USA