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DevOps Business Simulation

Why a DevOps Business Simulation?

Organizations that could benefit from DevOps, are typically confronted with rapidly changing business and/or user requirements. As a consequence, they seek to be more flexible and agile in meeting these demands and adopt a DevOps approach to product or service development.

As with any new way of working, DevOps takes time to ‘implement’. It requires a new culture of collaboration, high performing teams, continuous business focus and a lot of dedication. The quickest and most effective way to adopt a DevOps way of working and mindset is through experience.

The Phoenix Project – ServiceNow

Conceived as a card game by GamingWorks, Plat4mation has now ported the business simulation ‘The Phoenix Project’ to ServiceNow. ServiceNow is ideally suited to facilitate DevOps implementation and a DevOps way of working, by providing modules to support Agile development, IT Service Management and IT Operations Management.

A high-impact and energetic way to accelerate understanding and acceptance of DevOps within a large organization, and at the same time experience how ServiceNow can help.

What do you learn during the business simulation?
  • The ins and outs of DevOps
  • How to develop collaboration within your teams
  • How to increase business value
  • Practical implementation of DevOps
  • How to use DevOps within ServiceNow

Duration Number of participants Basic expertise
1 Day 8 – 12 No basic understanding required

Simulation dates

We have a few specific dates scheduled in order for you to play The Phoenix Project – ServiceNow with your colleagues. Please contact us to register or to schedule a different date if preferred.

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