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Security Operations

Connect your existing Cyber Security Management tools with ServiceNow Security Operations to prioritize and respond to incidents and vulnerabilities according to their potential impact on your business. Resolve security incidents and vulnerabilities fast with prioritization, automation and orchestration.


Is your business secure?

It’s a straightforward question that can be difficult to answer. Most organizations today use a variety of different security products, often from different vendors, that don’t communicate with each other. These products generate thousands of notifications and alerts—far more than your security team can investigate. These challenges lead to long discovery and remediation times when incidents occur. Solving these issues requires a solution that connects security and IT and provides better visibility, in turn helping you deliver a faster and more efficient security response.

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Why you shouldn’t use ServiceNow ITSM to manage your security incidents

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Know your security posture

ServiceNow Security Operations is a security orchestration, automation and response engine that leverages key strengths of the Now platform, including intelligent workflows, prioritization and a deep connection with IT. Customizable role-based dashboards and reports give you insights into your overall security posture. Instantly view the latest status of all security incidents and vulnerabilities, including additional context (e.g. whether critical business services have been affected).

Manage vulnerabilities from a single interface

According to Carnegie Mellon University, 85% of breaches are related to existing vulnerabilities. We help organizations respond faster and more efficiently to vulnerabilities, connect security and IT teams, and provide real-time visibility. You can view your vulnerability status in real-time via customizable dashboards and reports backed by quantitative data. Thanks to integration with National Vulnerability Database (NVD) and 3rd party vulnerability assessment solutions—including leaders such as Qualys, Rapid 7, IBM, Tenable and many more—you can finally connect all of your standalone security solutions.

Fast and effective response to security incidents

If you use different security tools, like firewalls, end-point security products or Security Information and Event Managers (SIEMs) to collect and prioritize security incidents and are looking to integrate these tools, these together will generate far more alerts than you can handle. Unless you automate. And that’s exactly what ServiceNow does. Let us help you implement a solution that allows you to track the progress of security incidents from discovery and initial analysis to containment, eradication and recovery, all the way to post-incident review, knowledge base article creation and closure.

Take a proactive stand

A reactive approach to security is no longer enough to protect against the latest cyber threats. A proactive detection and defence strategy increases your chances of success against cybercrime. Measures like automatically adding threat intelligence to security incidents will help you speed up remediation and multiple threat feeds, as well as STIX and TAXII, allow you to easily build a response platform that integrates your entire security portfolio.

Several building blocks

ServiceNow’s Security Operations consists of several building blocks, allowing the solution to grow with you as needed:

  • Security Incident Response
    Quickly prioritize and respond to security threats
  • Vulnerability Response
    Prioritize and respond to vulnerabilities based on impact
  • Configuration Compliance
    Identify, prioritize and remediate misconfigured software
  • Threat Intelligence
    Add context and threat analysis to security incidents
  • Trusted Security Circles
    Identify attacks faster via threat intelligence sharing
  • Performance Analytics for Security Operations
    Create real-time dashboards/reports with 50+ security KPIs

Contact person

Jim Austin
Managing Director Americas