How ServiceNow ITSM Pro Automates Change Management

The status, position, and perceived value of Change Management have significantly changed over the past 20 years. In a DevOps world, Change Management has become less important as a controller of changes but kept its relevance in the area of compliance.   

The fast pace of DevOps has, however, made it necessary for Change Management to be much quicker than it was in the past—and that without becoming an administrative burden.  

In this blog, we’ll discuss how you can transform Change Management from an obstacle to an asset by automating it with ServiceNow ITSM Pro. We’re really excited about the benefits this solution brings: through one of our customers with 15,000 changes a year, we were able to estimate that automating Change Management can save more than $600,000 a year. ROI is therefore only a matter of months!   

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