5 Tips for a successful ServiceNow CSM implementation

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If you are planning to implement the ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) solution, you’re on your way to streamline the customer journey. Good job!

But…the implementation can make or break the success of your new ServiceNow CSM solution. It needs to be done the right way, so that you can get the most out of the platform.

After many successful ServiceNow implementations, our experts know how to make a ServiceNow CSM implementation successful. Below, we listed five of their tips for you and three answers to frequently asked questions.

Create a roadmap with clear phases

Over the last years, the full range of CSM capabilities grew into a huge superpowered arsenal of functionalities.

Make sure to pick the right functionality for the right phase in your implementation.

Trying to implement it all at once will result in a Mammoth project that is impossible to complete properly and in a reasonable amount of time.

Define the product portfolio in an early stage

ServiceNow CSM offers the appropriate data model for the product portfolio of any industry, so it is important to make the right choice early on when it comes to defining the model for your business.

From simple product models and assets to the CMDB, CSDM and even the service-aware install base, an unadvised choice can lead to major additional migration effort down the road.

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Carefully select when to customize and when to configure

When doing a ServiceNow CSM implementation, it is good to stay close to the CSM baseline to keep up with the platform’s fast evolution.

However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make use of the vast configuration capabilities that CSM includes to shape the solution for your specific business case.

A perfect example is the use of the Case Type feature, which allows you to configure different customer service processes without customizing the base case management process. It provides a sustainable and scalable solution that also lets you easily onboard new customer service departments or processes.

Consider integrations with other systems

With Customer Service Management on the Now Platform, you can effectively break down silos in your organization as well as support your agents to work more efficiently.

You can empower your agents by giving them a single interface where they have everything they need to solve a case.

You do this by integrating your CRM and/or ERP into the Now Platform, and your mid- and back-offices—creating one smooth flow between what used to be siloed departments and systems.

Please note that both integrations need to be well thought out!

Include Organizational Change Management in your ServiceNow CSM implementation plans

Don’t underestimate the impact that a new Customer Service Management solution has on both your agents as well as your customer base.

With proper anticipation, planning and guidance you can even take advantage of change, minimize resistance, improve adoption on both sides and ultimately increase satisfaction for everyone involved.

Frequently asked questions about ServiceNow Customer Service Management implementations

During an implementation of ServiceNow CSM, many questions may come up. We have collected the ones we hear most frequently below.


Do we really need case types if we only have one process right now?

We recommend using case types, even if the base process does not differ from the case type yet. This allows for a scalable solution down the road.

You might only have one process right now, but you shouldn’t make it more difficult for yourself if you choose to onboard additional processes or departments later on.

Only in very rare cases, there won’t be a need for it.


Can CSM also be used internally?

If your employees are also customers of the services you provide, you can activate plugins that allow you to support both target groups in the same streamlined process.


Can we establish different interfaces and processes depending on whether the customer is a business or a private consumer?

Yes. ServiceNow CSM offers B2B and B2C portals, as well as dedicated agent roles to support both business models individually.

If necessary, you can also utilize case types to refine the case management processes.

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