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How does ServiceNow use AI?

By integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI), ServiceNow is rapidly transforming the enterprise software landscape and enhancing their platform’s capabilities.  

To ensure effective change, we need an in-depth understanding of ServiceNow AI. A solid understanding of different AI capabilities and types within ServiceNow helps organizations unlock the full potential of their digital transformation initiatives. 

How does ServiceNow use Large Language Models (LLM)?

ServiceNow uses the power of various LLMs to augment its functionalities, particularly through the Now LLM and Azure OpenAI integrations within the Now Assist feature. Users can activate plugins for summarization, code generation, and note generation. This significantly expands the platform’s capabilities.

The Now LLM, built on the GPT-43b architecture with an encoder-decoder mechanism, is tailored with domain-specific data to meet unique enterprise needs. Moreover, Azure OpenAI’s customizations for ServiceNow further enriches these capabilities. 

Logos of popular companies (Servicenow, Open AI, MIcrosoft and Google) along with their AI

For more info on the Generative AI Controller, check out Exploring Generative AI Controller: https://docs.servicenow.com/bundle/vancouver-intelligent-experiences/page/administer/generative-ai-controller/concept/exploring-generative-ai-controller.html  

For more information on which LLMs ‘Now Assist’ uses, check out Reference for Now Assist: https://docs.servicenow.com/csh?topicname=now-llm-model-updates.html&version=latest  

What is the difference between AI and Gen AI in ServiceNow?

Most people mix up Gen AI and AI, but they aren’t the same. AI is broad and includes different technologies that help machines perform tasks requiring advanced reasoning capabilities. ServiceNow uses AI capabilities such as  predictive intelligence, document intelligence, and task intelligence.  

Gen AI, on the other hand, is a type of AI that creates original content from training or existing data. It is used in the Generative AI Controller  and Now Assist.

How does ServiceNow use Generative AI?

On a high level there are two main options when it comes to Gen AI with ServiceNow; Now Assist and Generative AI Controller. 

Now Assist is a set of capabilities provided by ServiceNow, while the Generative AI Controller lets you build your own capabilities by integrating with a third-party AI.

What is ServiceNow Now Assist?

ServiceNow’s Now Assist uses the Now LLM and Azure Open AI’s LLM to offer Assistive capabilities like chat summarization, case summarization, notes generation, text to code, and search improvements.  

This makes it easier to find the right information while interacting with the Now Platform. As of now, this functionality isn’t customizable, but it’s in the process of expanding. Planned enhancements include knowledge article generation, text to flow, and text to process.

What is ServiceNow Generative AI Controller?

ServiceNow’s Generative AI Controller helps seamless integration with leading AI models, including OpenAI, Azure Open AI, and Google Gemini.  

By leveraging ServiceNow’s spokes, users can integrate functionalities such as summarization, code generation, and sentiment analysis, and build their own custom capabilities based on these AI models.  

This integration requires proper licensing and configuration with the chosen third-party AI provider, allowing customization and enhancement of ServiceNow’s capabilities.

What is the difference between AI, Generative AI, and Machine Learning in ServiceNow?

At the core of ServiceNow’s AI lies the distinction between AI, Generative AI, and Machine Learning.  

Large language models and the Now Assist Gen AI Controller fall within deep learning which is a subset of machine learning.

ServiceNow not only incorporates deep learning but also offers machine learning capabilities such as regression, classification, and clustering within its Predictive Intelligence suite. 

The broader AI domain includes both machine learning and deep learning, facilitating a range of AI-driven features on the ServiceNow platform. These range from AI Search to Natural Language Query and Process Mining.

AI is the top heading, under it is machine learning then deep learning and finally large language models

What are ServiceNow's AI capabilities?

ServiceNow has many AI features designed to streamline operations and enhance user experience. Key capabilities include: 

  • AI Search: Enhancing search efficiency and relevance across the platform. 
  • Automation Discovery: Identifying automation opportunities within processes. 
  • Document Intelligence: Extracting and processing information from documents. 
  • Natural Language Understanding: Interpreting and acting on user commands in natural language. 
  • Task Intelligence: Automating task assignments based on AI insights. 
  • Natural Language Query: Facilitating database queries in natural language. 
  • Process Mining: Analyzing process flows to identify improvement areas. 

These capabilities allow organizations to leverage AI without needing an in-depth knowledge of specific models or integrations.  

By configuring and enabling various plugins, ServiceNow users can readily tap into the power of AI, enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making. 

Capabilities of AI in ServiceNow which is divided into three categories. Under these categories are specific functionalities such as AI Search, Process Mining, Task Intelligence etc.

What are some tips to navigate Gen AI successfully? 

What sets ServiceNow Gen AI apart from other Gen AI solutions is that it uses the Now LLM, which is a specific Large Language Model trained on domain-specific data. This makes it more context-accurate and cost-effective than generic LLMs. For successful and responsible ServiceNow Gen AI navigation, a strategic approach is important. You must understand the nuances of AI and the differences between the various AI capabilities already present in ServiceNow. 

How to get started with Gen AI in ServiceNow? 

Here are some tips from our ServiceNow Gen AI experts: 

  1. Ensure Organizational preparedness: Ensure data literacy among teams. Train employees to understand data and the possibilities and limitations of AI. This way, employees are empowered to understand and challenge AI. Clean and organize your data to ensure its quality and availability. Correct data is the fuel that powers AI, so it is crucial to have a solid foundation of accurate and relevant data and CMDB.
  2. Start small and scale:

    1) Define Your Business Case: Start with a clear understanding of the business cases where AI, specifically Gen AI can add value to your organization. Consider areas where content generation, automation, or data analysis can drive efficiency and improve outcomes. You can also contact specialists and experts to align capabilities with requirements.

    2) Pilot: Begin with a pilot project or proof of concept to test the effectiveness of Gen AI in your organization with functionalities like text summarization.

    3) Evaluate: Think of ways to evaluate and assess AI outcomes when defining the business case. Define the KPIs and measures to be used. Specify the data set or control. Then evaluate against those measures.4) Celebrate: Celebrate successes in your organization. Promote the result and hype people and business units to come up with their business cases.

    5) Scale: Expand to more complex functionalities, and gradually scale up the usage of Gen AI across different departments or processes. 

How does ServiceNow ensure responsible AI practices with Gen AI? 

ServiceNow emphasizes responsible AI usage by prioritizing data privacy, marking AI-generated responses, as “AI generated”, and ensuring traceability to sources.

What's the future roadmap for Gen AI within ServiceNow? 

In the future, Gen AI will continue to shape ServiceNow’s landscape. Upcoming resources like AI capability maps and informative content will help users navigate the evolving AI ecosystem. Embracing existing AI capabilities while exploring Gen AI’s potential will empower organizations to optimize workflows and unlock new efficiencies.  

ServiceNow Gen AI presents an exciting chapter in the platform’s evolution. It’s a testament to continuous innovation and empowering users with intelligent solutions. With a strategic approach and a clear understanding of AI capabilities, ServiceNow users can harness Gen AI’s potential to transform their business operations and make work flow. 

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