How Zahra jump-started her career as IT Business Consultant

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IT Business Consultant Zahra

Who’s Zahra?

“I’m Zahra Babamahdi, IT Business Consultant at Plat4mation. I’m originally from Iran and I moved to the Netherlands 6 years ago to do a PhD in Applied Physics, more specifically Quantum Mechanics. Though I love physics, I did not feel fulfilled doing research. Since I’m a real technology lover, after graduation, I decided to switch to IT consulting and joined Plat4mation in March 2022. Outside of work, I like to play piano, read novels and books about psychology and social science, and do sports like badminton.”

How did you know a job as IT Business Consultant would suit you?

“After my graduation, I switched to IT consulting because it suits my personality much better. Doing research in Physics is of course interesting because you’re at the forefront of innovation. You know something that the rest of the world doesn’t know. However, the downside is that the impact of your work is not tangible. Your research results may come into practice, but also may not. You never know. Research projects can take up to 5-6 years or even longer, and results are not guaranteed.

So, after my PhD, I realized that I wanted a job with more impact. Since I’m passionate about technology, the IT sector was the most obvious choice. Also, because IT projects are usually short (max. 1-2 years) and you get results fast. My team player side also gets to shine in IT consultancy, as you have to collaborate closely with both your coworkers and clients.

So, for me, IT business consultancy is the perfect combination of making an impact and being part of a team.“

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Why did you choose Plat4mation to jump-start your career?

“In bigger corporates, your impact is limited. Everyone also has their own expertise, meaning you have less variety in job responsibilities.

In a smaller company like Plat4mation, you’re important and essential for the project. You feel that, and I enjoy that. It also never gets boring in a smaller company. During each project, I have many different roles to fulfil and the best part of it is that no project is the same, so you are constantly learning.

One of the perks of working for a bigger consultancy firm is obviously that their salaries are higher, but for me, work happiness outweighed salary by far!”

Why work with ServiceNow?

“To be honest, I did not know much about the ServiceNow platform before I joined Plat4mation. I’m still learning about different platform capabilities. But what I do already know and love about ServiceNow is that the platform helps to digitize and unify organizations so they can find smarter, faster and better ways to make work flow. The platform delivers on that promise with its innovative and smart features, and it is one of the best—if not best—platform out there.”

What (soft) skills do you need in IT consultancy and how did you acquire these skills?

“As an IT Business Consultant, you work with people. From technical experts to high-level management. So, you need to be able to adjust your communication accordingly. That is why you need strong communication skills. Delivering an IT project is also not something you do on your own. You do it together with your coworkers and the client, so you need to be a team player too. During my PhD, I already acquired these skills as I had to efficiently communicate my research and be able to collaborate with other researchers.

Then there’s also the technical skills that you need. To learn more about ServiceNow, you start with the basics: the ServiceNow Fundamentals course. Then, as a starter at Plat4mation, you get to choose between becoming a specialist or generalist ServiceNow consultant. I chose a learning track to become a specialist in SPM (Strategy Platform Management).

Lastly, time and budget management are also very important skills you need in IT business consultancy as they are crucial to the success of any project. I’m still in the process of perfecting these skills.”

What do you love most about your job as IT Business Consultant?

“Seeing the impact of my work and the opportunity Plat4mation offers to keep learning and exploring different dimensions of IT consulting. I also love the challenge of understanding the client’s problems and the pursuit of delivering on what they envisioned, and what we promised as a team.”

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Is there anything you don’t like about your job as IT Business Consultant?

“Sometimes, you work with strict deadlines, pushing you to go the extra mile. Luckily, at Plat4mation, all employees have a counselor. Regular meetings with your counselor allow you to discuss things that concern you. This means you have a place to turn to and that gives peace of mind.”

What is your ultimate tip for jump-starting your career in IT?

“NEVER STOP LEARNING! If there’s one thing I can say to starters is to never stop investing in your own human capital. Keep yourself up to date so you continue to be a valuable asset to the organization. At Plat4mation, there are a lot of opportunities to learn—from the Plat4mation Academy to pizza sessions and a wealth of knowledge articles to opportunities like organizing a company event.”

Why would you recommend starting your IT career at Plat4mation?

“Plat4mation is a young and dynamic IT consultancy firm that offers a steep learning path. For someone like me, who loves to learn, that is a perfect fit. I also really admire the company culture, which is based on diversity, cultural awareness and fun. It’s something I get to enjoy every single working day!”

If you’d like to know more about life as IT Business Consultant at Plat4mation, feel free to connect with Zahra on LinkedIn!

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