Key deprecated features from the ServiceNow Vancouver Release

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Each year, ServiceNow keeps getting better to provide the best possible user experience and functionality, but that means some things get left behind. With the Vancouver Release, there are many “deprecated” features that won’t get new updates and might disappear in the future. They might still work for now, but it’s better not to rely on them.

If you don’t feel like reading the long list of the Vancouver Release, we got you! Here’s a summary of everything you need to know about the deprecated features.

Advanced Risk Management

The options to mandate a risk response for breaches of appetite or tolerance were removed from the RAM form. However, users on legacy releases can still use these options.

Tip: Using condition builders or scripts allows you to configure risk responses in case of breaches of appetite or tolerance.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

The CMDB Search feature is deprecated and no longer supported for new activation.

Tip: Instead, leverage  CMDB Intelligent Search  which is embedded in the CMDB Workspace (4.0) store app, for enhanced functionality and search capabilities.

For more details, visit the Application/Plugin Deprecation Process [KB0867184] article in the Now Support knowledge base.

Event Management

The Operator Workspace has been deprecated.

Tip: Transition to the Service Operations Workspace for continued support and improved functionalities.

Integration Hub

The JSON portion of the Payload Builder step is deprecated and replaced by the JSON Builder step, offering a more robust and updated approach to building payloads.

Identity and Authentication

Various aspects of Identity and Authentication have been deprecated, including MultiSSO v1, SAML 1.1, SAML 1.1 Single Sign-On, and the OpenID SSO plugin.

Tip: Upgrade to MultiSSO v2 and migrate AML-based identity providers (IdP) to SAML 2.0. Additionally, OpenID Connect (OIDC) and configure your identity provider for continued authentication support.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

NLU support within Dev Studio is being deprecated from Vancouver onwards. However, NLU support in Dev Studio will continue to work like it did in all the previous instances.

Tip: Use the NLU workbench instead!

Platform Analytics Workspace

The Analytics Center in non-configurable workspaces is deprecated.

Field Service Management

Several plugins and features within Field Service Management have been discontinued. To learn more, take a look at the Deprecation Process [KB0867184] article in the Now Support Knowledge Base. The changes from the Vancouver release include:

  • LegacyField Service Management Workspace plugin (snc.agent_workspace_fsm).
  • Team calendar and Manager map plugins (snc-work_management).​
  • Agent location history map plugin (snc.agent_schedule).​
  • Map plugin (snc.fsm_map).Tip: Instead, use the Dispatcher Workspace plugin (com.snc.uib.fsm_dispatcher_workspace).​
  • Clean Geolocation History schedule jobTip: Check out the Table cleaner for more information and alternatives.
  • Service Management Geolocation Mobile (snc.service_management_m).Tip: Instead, use Field Service Mobile (com.sn_fsm_mobile).​
  • Schedule Optimization commom(snc_schedule_optimization.common).Tip: Instead use Schedule Optimization Plugin (com.snc_schedule_optimization).
  • Schedule Optimization UI components (snc_schedule_optimization.ui).Tip: Instead, use Schedule Optimization Plugin (com.snc_schedule_optimization).​
  • Agent Scheduling Model plugin for Flexible breaks feature in Schedule Optimization (snc.app_fsm_sched_model).Tip: Instead, use Workforce Optimization for Field Service to manage agent schedules and breaks (com.snc.app_fsm_wfo).


Twilio’s End of Life announcement regarding Twilio Notify affects the bulk SMS functionality, which sends text messages to multiple recipients within a short time through a single API call to Twilio.

For more information, refer to the Impact of Twilio’s EOL announcement of their Notify product on ServiceNow’s Notify-Twilio integration’s Bulk SMS feature [KB1212919] article in the Now Support knowledge base.

Security Incident Response

ServiceNow® Security Incident Response no longer supports certain integrations like Threat Crowd and Tanium v2. Using these integrations might result in errors.

For details, see the Threat lookup of an Observable fails with ThreatCrowd Integration and the Deprecation Process [KB0867184] articles in the Now Support Knowledge Base.

Telecommunications Network Inventory

Several features within the Telecommunications Network Inventory have been discontinued, including Managed Network Function, Related Party, Telco Equipment Holder, and Fiber-Wise Mobility Infrastructure Change Model.

For details, please refer to the Deprecation Process [KB0867184] article in the Now Support Knowledge Base.

Virtual Agent

The Save as Image button in Virtual Agent has been deprecated and removed. Users can still take screenshots of a topic diagram through other available means.

Vulnerability Response Integrations

The Vancouver release introduced multiple changes to the Vulnerability Response Integration, such as:

1) In version 4.0 of the Vulnerability Response Integration with Veracode, three integrations—Application List, Scan Summary, and Application Vulnerable Item—have been deprecated. These integrations previously utilized XML APIs; however, starting from version 4.0, they now utilize JSON APIs while maintaining their original names.

For more details, check out the Veracode Vulnerability Integration. 

2) The NIST National Vulnerability Database Integration-API (CVE and CPE) integration has been deprecated.

Tip: Use the NIST National Vulnerability Database Integration–API (Unmapped CPE) and the NIST National Vulnerability Database Integration-API (Unmapped CPE) integrations. These integrations use the latest NVD 2.0 APIs.

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