ServiceNow Workday integration brings true self-service to your employees

2 minutes

With our ServiceNow Workday integration, real-time data is retrieved for form validations conform local laws and regulations and is automatically transferred to Workday to reduce all manual checks and rekeying.

With the Workday interface falling short and the software too complex and costly to integrate, we saw organizations placing a user-friendly solution like ServiceNow in front of their HR system.

Doing so, they provided self-service to their employees while the HR agent still needed to manually update the HR system. Thanks to our integration, that is no longer necessary!

How does the integration work?

Our ServiceNow Workday integration is based on Straight-Through Processing (STP), an automatic solution for seamless electronic transactions and interactions without manual intervention.

Thanks to STP, requests issued by a manager or employee and approved by a manager’s manager are automatically processed. Even an official letter is created by ServiceNow. The request and approvals are all submitted via ServiceNow to ensure a great user experience. After approval, a set of relevant data is automatically pushed to Workday for processing.

Now, let’s see what this looks like when a manager requests a One-Time Payment (e.g. a bonus) or Job Change (e.g. a promotion) via ServiceNow in the videos below.


Manager requests One-Time Payment


Current manager requests Job Change


The technology behind the integration

The foundation of the ServiceNow Workday integration is the HR Service Delivery product from ServiceNow, of which the modules Case Management, Knowledge Management and Managed Documents are used.

Using ServiceNow Integration Hub, standard Workday APIs are called on to perform e.g. form validations. Integration Hub (IH) is a Now Platform application that enables process automation and integrations using common protocols (e.g. APIs, JDBC, PowerShell, or command line scripting and languages) to interact with external platforms like Workday.

The interface technique is based on Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). Workday provides open, standards-based SOAP APIs for access to its Business Services. SOAP-based web services are published via the tenant and API version-specific WSDL URLs.

If needed, REST can be used. But note that Workday does not support the REST web service for every Workday operation/module. You can find the details of supported version updates and operations in the version and operations directory that is maintained and published by Workday.

Integration benefits

  • Improve the HR and employee experience
  • Eliminate manual work
  • Free up HR staff