Top 10 best new features from the ServiceNow Rome release

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Top 10 Best New Features from the ServiceNow Rome Release

In September, the ServiceNow Rome release is due. Just like any release, a lot of fab new features and enhancements will become available. But how do you see the forest for the trees in the release notes? Which ones are the most remarkable? We asked our ServiceNow experts to list their favorite Rome features per product or platform capability (e.g. Now Mobile).

HR Service Delivery (HRSD)

From the ServiceNow Rome release, the Employee Center will be delivered through the ServiceNow Store. This will open up a world of new features, faster than ever.

Employee Center Pro provides a unified portal for service delivery across multiple departments (IT, HR, Workplace, Legal, Procurement, etc.). This enables employees to easily find information, get help, and request the services they need.

The Pro version expands the portal experience beyond service delivery with employee communication and engagement tools including content publishing and campaigns, content experiences, and employee communities.

Employee Center Pro in HR Service Delivery

Workplace Service Delivery (WSD)

NEW – Workplace Reservations for Microsoft Outlook Add-in
This add-in enables employees to reserve a workplace space in less than a minute straight from their Outlook calendar.

Now, employees have access to all the Workplace Reservation Management features from their Outlook application. They can create an appointment or edit an existing one, easily find available spaces ad request extra services without the need to open a separate application.

Reservations Management Outlook Add-in Workplace Service Delivery

All things ServiceNow

IT Operations Management (ITOM)

NEW – Containerized MID servers
Over time, it often became complex to manage and scale the MID servers used for IT Operations Management. Upscaling only happened after frequent time-outs occurred, since scaling was a cumbersome process. Thanks to Rome’s new feature to enable containerization for MID servers, this process has been significantly improved.

Key benefits
With Docker Recipes, any Windows or Linux admin will be able to create a unified container. These containers can be deployed on any scale, or as a blueprint for upscaling MID server environments. Imagine how much time you can save for MID server management in the long run!

Containerized MID Servers in ITOM

Customer Service Management (CSM)

NEW – Next Best Action feature
Guide your agents by providing them with possible next best actions to take based on a set of rules and context. The plug-in Next Best Action for Customer Service in the new ServiceNow Rome release allows you to create next best actions like guidance or decision trees depending on the record your agents are working on.

Key benefits
As an agent, if the record you are working on matches the rules defined by the next best action author, you will be able to choose the next best action comfortably from the contextual side panel in Agent Workspace. This allows you to solve cases more efficiently.

IT Business Management (ITBM)

NEW – Time Writing/Management from mobile devices
Manage your own or your team’s time anywhere, anytime using your mobile device—available for both iOS and Android.

Key benefits
The ServiceNow mobile timesheet app enables users to create, view, edit, enter notes, and submit timecards from their mobile device.

Time sheet project managers and user managers can also view, approve, reject, or recall a timecard from their mobile device.

Time writing Now Mobile for managers       Time writing Now Mobile for employees


Field Service Management (FSM)

NEW – Field Service Crew Operations
For those cases where a team of technicians is required to finish the job, Crew Operations enables organizations to assign fixed or ad hoc teams to different tasks.

Key benefits
Crew members work together on the assigned tasks for a number of hours, weeks, or months, led by a crew leader to record work contributions and perform management activities.

Field Service Crew Operations empowers organizations to simplify planning and execution of work and to deliver excellent work execution for complex tasks.

Field Service Crew Operations in FSM_Dispatcher Workspace

Flow Designer (platform)

NEW – Flow Designer Error Handling
In the ServiceNow Rome Release, you can enable flows to catch errors and perform corrective actions automatically.

If a flow encounters an error, a sequence of actions and subflows can be triggered automatically to identify and correct issues as they happen.

New in ServiceNow Rome release: Flow Designer Error Handling

IntegrationHub (platform)

NEW – IntegrationHub Imports
With Imports through IntegrationHub, ServiceNow has consolidated several legacy forms into a single, modern interface.

This simplifies the process of importing data from external sources and transforms it into tables. You can manage multiple imports, data sources, transform maps and schedules from a single place in the system.

IntegrationHub Imports

Mobile (platform)

NEW – Mobile App Builder
In Rome, the Mobile App Builder is a new tool for creating and updating ServiceNow configuration records for native iOS and Android mobile apps.

Key benefits
It is a Citizen Development tool that gives real-time previews, faster navigation and easy organization of all components in a mobile app.

Compared to Mobile Studio, the Mobile Application Builder makes life for developers easier and tremendously improves the user experience.

Mobile App Builder in Now Mobile

Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)

In Rome, ServiceNow has expanded the Integrated Risk Management (or GRC) domain extensively.

This is our top 3 best new features:

1. New UI for all core IRM modules & workspaces
For all core IRM modules–Policy & Compliance, Risk Management, Audit Management, Vendor Risk, BCM, Privacy Management—a completely new workspace user experience and interface is available as of Rome. The new UI is based on the Now experience framework.

In addition, a 360-view workspace of all IRM relations is added, which significantly helps to visualize complex and interconnected GRC data.

Key benefit? The revamped user experience reduces OCM (Organizational Change Management) efforts and increases user adoption across your organization.

2. Risk Management Portal
A new Risk portal streamlines information exchange and communication between the first and second line of defense in the Risk Management organization.

Key benefit? Users now have a single simplified portal where they can register risk events, monitor open risk issues and more.

3. Privacy Management with BigID
The brand-new Privacy Application combines all of the strengths of the NOW platform. New data discovery capabilities with BigID and Information Objects within the CSDM model let you automatically map PII against the organizational/IT landscape and let you preconfigure workflows for Data Protection Impact Assessments.

Key benefit? Seamless integration with the core IRM capabilities unlocks auto-assignment and continuous risk and control monitoring across the organization.

360 Relationship View in GRC