What is ServiceNow App Engine and how to get the most out of it

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What is ServiceNow App Engine and how to get the most out of it

Learn everything there is to know about ServiceNow App Engine, how it can benefit your business and how to make the most out of it.

What is ServiceNow App Engine?

ServiceNow App Engine isn’t a specific part or tool on the ServiceNow low-/no-code platform. It encompasses the entire ServiceNow platform, all of its tools and the ecosystem around the platform.

The platform consists of a managed and supported platform, including all supporting infrastructure and integrated security, scalability, availability, redundancy, and flexibility. Furthermore, with each biannual release, the platform is extended with a wealth of new functionalities.

The ecosystem around the platform includes platform documentation, active online communities, its network of implementation partners and an ever-growing number of skilled ServiceNow developers and consultants.

The available tools or components in ServiceNow App Engine make it easy to create data objects. You have simple and ready-made UI components at hand, and you can even add simple logic and interaction components.
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What components are part of ServiceNow App Engine?

ServiceNow App Engine consists of small(er) standard components like email notifications, Single Sign-On (SSO) and role-based security, but also larger components that simplify setting up integrations or help you create great user experiences, mobile apps or custom user interfaces (Now Experience Framework).

Below component highlight gives you an idea of the wide range of components App Engine has to offer.


App Engine Component Highlight

App Engine Component Overview

Examples of applications you can create with ServiceNow App Engine

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What's the purpose or added value of App Engine?

ServiceNow App Engine enables the people that are most familiar with the business issues at hand (aka Citizen Developers) to easily create applications and digital workflows. At the same time, App Engine allows pro-code developers to develop more complex solutions.

App Engine takes away the complexity in how apps are built, so that they can be developed by more builders. Simply because, by reducing—or even removing—the dependency on code, there no longer is the need to get to grips with any technical complexity. The full focus can be on solving the business problem.

For businesses, applications are the perfect digital transformation tool to drive change. With App Engine, businesses can transform unstructured processes into structured, user-friendly, digital workflows and improved work experiences.

Added value of App Engine

What makes ServiceNow App Engine stand out from other low-code platforms?

The major difference between ServiceNow App Engine and other low-code platforms is that they are not scalable to do something more complex. ServiceNow’s App Engine is unique in that, thanks to pro-code options, whatever you make is quickly and fully scalable to whatever complexity your organization requires. It gives you the flexibility to scale quickly and control situations dynamically.

How does App Engine accelerate digital transformation?

Nowadays, businesses increasingly rely on software to be successful. For universal functions like IT, HR and Marketing, off-the-shelve applications embedding industry best practices can be a good fit. For the core business and organization-specific processes, custom applications are most likely a better fit. But, this requires scarce developers and a big investment.

Using a low-code platform like ServiceNow App Engine, you can address the specific needs of your organization, leveraging the platform’s speed and power. From simple spreadsheet replacement to the modernization of your core applications and from tactical workflows to company-wide, long-running process integration—it’s all about connected user experiences across multiple channels.

Importantly, in a heterogenous technology landscape ServiceNow IntegrationHub enables you to pair internal workflows built on App Engine to critical business systems. This ensures backend automation is smooth for your service delivery teams and enables you to build apps for all use cases where ServiceNow doesn’t provide out-of-the-box solutions.


How to get the most out of it?

Our five-step approach ensures you create value-adding ServiceNow apps. It is based on our own long-standing and hands-on experience creating custom apps for our clients. The success of this approach has led us to become the 2021 Global ServiceNow App Development Platform Partner of the Year.

If you’re seeking guidance regarding ServiceNow App Engine, we can help you in building ServiceNow applications to fit your business. From identifying opportunities, to training your expert team and citizen developers, to assisting in designing and building apps and supporting organizational change. We will gladly share our best practices with you!


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