A DevOps-Based Success Story

Our client, a global chemical and energy enterprise, succeeded in reducing change lead times significantly by our Software DevOps (Development and IT Operations) driven changes. Additionally, we helped them obtain a holistic, product-centered view of all of their open tasks related to a specific product, adopting a Unified Backlog.​ 


“With the ServiceNow glue Plat4mation created visibility.” 


As a result of the rapid DevOps transformation, the change processes and lead times couldn’t keep up with the accelerated pace of the operations. The tools supporting the end-to-end value chain for our client were disconnected, making their product owners manually gather all the work items. Also, the lack of automation led to a decrease in productivity and missed opportunities for personal growth for the employees. What is more, is that the absence of a centralized and comprehensive view of all tasks associated with a specific product was a notable issue, underlining the necessity for integrating a combined platform. 


Identifying the potential for enhanced change management, we effectively accelerated and streamlined the complete change lifecycle. In addition, the incorporation of ServiceNow Agile 2.0 with the Unified Backlog has improved project management and delivery efficiency and agility by offering a consolidated and all-inclusive perspective of all tasks associated with a particular product. By bringing those tools together, we increased the collaboration in our client’s workflow and allowed people to easily respond to changing requirements. 


Our expertise in DevOps resulted in Improving overall project efficiency and productivity, making sure that people can focus on their work, by: 

  • Streamlining and enhancing Change processes 
  • Dramatically reducing Lead times 
  • Boosting visibility and systemizing task management 

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