A Digital Transformation of WSD Management

As a global Pharmaceutical company, our client needed to enhance operational efficiency and to optimize employee experience for their agents. With our WSD (Workplace Service Delivery) integration, we succeeded in improving the workplace environment for both remote and on-site operations.


“Plat4mation delivered a very flexible solution that was deployed quickly.” 


Within the organization, each site utilized many tools simultaneously and had its own strategy for facility management. This often resulted in confusion in the flow, and increased expenses for ticket resolution. Our team employed 4Facility, a WSD application that can seamlessly integrate and streamline all of these procedures to deal with the burden of managing facility-related cases. This ensured reduced costs and reduced administrative burden. 


The goal of our WSD (Workplace Service Delivery) solution was to offer the organization complete assistance for Case and Request Management. Our team designed a flexible QR code solution as well, to improve operating efficiency and provide support and easy solutions for many use cases, in addition to these features. The QR system allowed employees to submit incidents straight via their mobile devices, enabling instant status checks on facility equipment, lunch requests, etc. 


The combination of those advancements optimized workplace operations, resulting in: 

  • 40.000 employees globally get access to Facility Services  
  • Improved Employee Experience by providing a single easy-to-use global service Portal  
  • Boosted operational efficiency and management control  

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