A Game-Changing HRSD Adoption

Our client, a company delivering professional HR services, offers skilled expertise in the payroll service niche. Keeping in mind the highly competitive field in which they operate, they needed to find an Employee Self-Service Delivery solution that brings exceptional value for their customers, blowing its competition out of the water. 


“By using ServiceNow we were able to kickstart the project and to deliver something innovative in a short amount of time.” 


Our team was assigned with a mission to create an exceptional business solution that will bring value for both the customers and employees. Recognizing the outdated nature and lack of customer appeal in their existing solution demanded quick action from our side. The company needed to get into a better shape to continue surpassing their business goals, and most importantly, to deliver a valuable experience for the people.  


Motivated by the ambitious demand for quick action, in a short period of time we were able to deliver an Employee Self-Service Portal that succeeded to launch the company far before the competitors. Our hard effort resulted in a remarkably intuitive and innovative ServiceNow-based HRSD (HR Service Delivery) application, striking the perfect balance of simplicity for its users. Our solution quickly gained traction and appeared as the next big thing in the market, capturing attention and setting new industry standards.  


Not only did our solution leverage the company’s business performance, but also opened them the opportunity to rebrand the product and resell it. From a functional point of view, the application was so accessible and user-friendly, that one could start using it without putting much effort to learn it. The brilliant inbuilt interface, which was very unsophisticated, took the burden of having to learn how to use it.  

Believing in innovation, efficiency, and 100% excellence, our team was once again challenged to go the extra mile, to prove our expertise, and to ensure satisfaction and happiness, while taking a personalized approach. This great achievement from our side succeeded to keep up to the high expectations of our client and set new market standards. 

Our effort resulted in the following business value:

  • Client satisfaction and competitive edge 
  • Seamless User experience 
  • Optimized business performance 
  • Market potential and rebranding opportunity 

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