A Seamless HR Workflow Automation

A Dutch bank reached out to us with the demand for a unified channel to simplify Service requests and access to information for their employees. Our HRSD (HR Service Delivery) adoption decreased the cost-to-serve significantly and improved overall satisfaction in the company, introducing a new, innovative platform. 


Thanks to Plat4mation, we succeeded in significantly increasing employee satisfaction, and dramatically reducing the number of steps taken for information to be accessed” 


Our client struggled with misaligned HR procedures, which made information sharing across departments difficult due to the scattered communication flow. In addition, the company was lacking a streamlined overview of HR inquiries and requests, which resulted in lost cases and delayed ticket resolution. To increase workflow productivity and satisfaction, our client also wanted to upgrade and automate time-consuming manual processes. 


Our team successfully adopted a unified HR Self-Service Portal that enabled employees to submit standard requests, ask questions via a chatbot to find the information they need quickly. The HR department as well as the sub-departments are now able to communicate from a single system, which provides smooth intercommunication and ensures compliance in the workplace. 


Thanks to our HRSD solution, we increased the company’s employee satisfaction score from 6.4 to 7.0. What is more, the HR Operations team could be downsized by 30% because of Straight Through Processing and reduced email handling costs. Moreover, the insights provided in HR-Case load resulted in better alignment of HR Service Desk staff levels to expected demand, hereby reducing costs and increasing MTTR (Mean Time to Repair). 

Due to our HRSD adoption, our client managed to: 

  • Boost employee productivity as well as the workflow satisfaction   
  • Obtain a structured channel and enhance the communication between the departments 
  • Ensure quicker and more efficient ticket resolution 

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