Adopting ITSM for Advanced Outsource Management

The largest pure-play coffee and tea producer in the world sought to improve relationships with their MSPs (Managed service providers)  to ensure efficient and transparent communication between all parties. Together, we adopted a new ITSM (IT Service Management) module, developing a strong SIAM (Service Integration and Management) strategy to monitor their internal multivendor landscape and prevent future escalations. 

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The burden of managing numerous heavy contracts with vendors was ceasing the effective communication between them. The numerous escalations that they used to encounter on a daily basis rooted in the complicated interaction. The complex combination of different terms and conditions often led to misunderstandings and misalignments, making it crucial for the client to streamline and simplify their vendor management process to enhance productivity and ensure smoother operations.  


To secure excellent results, our team has taken a transformational approach developing a SIAM strategy to manage the communication and IT services between the company and its MSPs. With our application Connector4u we managed to onboard a new datacenter and adjust their infrastructure in a very shortened period of time. With the outstanding interaction that we ensured we have prevented any escalations ever since. 


Our hard work resulted in simplified, structured interaction between the client and its vendors and suppliers. From our ITSM adoption they achieved: 

  • Transparent, valuable communication with MSPs 
  • Alignment and trust between the parties and improved delivery service quality 
  • Systemized IT processes 

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