An Outstanding Communication Flow with CSM

A Belgium-based consulting company under the name of one of the biggest HR service providers for start-up businesses, and self-employed individuals offers highly personalized HR and technological solutions. Their team of well-trained experts delivers advice, training sessions and projects for their customers who are struggling to overcome sophisticated HR related hurdles.  

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Before reaching out to us, their business unit was dealing with an e-mail-based workflow, which led to confusion, inefficiency, and lack of accountability due to multiple users accessing and responding to emails. This was causing difficulties in communication with clients. Consultants were struggling with keeping track of their projects and daily tasks, because of the low-quality arrangement of priorities. While they were using unstreamlined communication tools, the customer requests were hard to manage and organize, which resulted in slow responses and misaligned conversations. Receiving huge loads of information through different channels causes confusion and leads to unsatisfactory communication between consultants and customers, which is a clear indicator of the lack of efficiency in the company’s workflow. 


Striving to achieve 100% excellence for our client, we helped them adopt our CSM (Customer Service Management) Schedule4u solution to run their business planning smoothly and to improve their customer service. A customized platform that receives and processes inquiries from customers, and creates projects that are well-structured and planned precisely, aiming to increase productivity and satisfaction of both customers and employees, and to implement an organized working system. 


What value did we bring to the business with our CSM solution?  

Empowering our client with a personalized transformational CSM solution resulted in: 

  • Dramatically improved business effectiveness. 
  • Aligned communication flow that enabled easier and quicker access to company services for customers. 
  • Well-planned schedules and clear project objectives that led to increased personal satisfaction and a great working experience for both employees and customers. 
  • Increased agent billability by almost 10%, a significant milestone showcasing the positive impact on operational efficiency and financial performance. 



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