CSM to Strengthen Trust and Customer Relationships

Stepping into the digital transformation journey of our partner, a multinational healthcare technology company, we provided them with an agile customer service channel. To maintain the capabilities of their customer-oriented flow, our team tailored a ServiceNow CSM (Customer Service Management) solution, helping them strengthen customer trust and build relationships.

“We want to make sure that our product managers really understand the needs of the customers and design their products accordingly to provide the ultimate hybrid care environment in the hospitals.” 


Adopting a SaaS business model, the company expected an increase in customer service tickets and inquiries. To be able to cope with them while growing and supporting the new cloud-based operational model, they needed to upscale their current technology. Seeking a quick and agile communication tool, our client wanted to stay connected to the customers to understand their needs, making sure that they can file their requests easily. To be able to do so, the company needed to ensure seamless integration across all communication channels for different departments. This would not only optimize ticket resolution times, but also keep employees closely connected to their customers, fostering an agile and responsive customer service experience. 


Combining advisory and implementation services, our team deployed a ServiceNow CSM module, setting up a unified communication channel that streamlines ticket resolution and connects the customer service platform to the company’s resources. With this integrated and automated solution, we provided the company’s customer service department with a quicker incident resolution tool and reduced recourse use. Furthermore, our team successfully minimized manual effort, resulting in fewer human errors and a clean data landscape. An additional AI chatbot solution was adopted to enhance customer service experience, providing intelligent and responsive interactions. 


With our CSM solution, we successfully boosted productivity and efficiency in the workflow of our client, strengthening trust and relationships with their customers. Our hard efforts contributed to the value stream of the company, bringing: 

  • Effective customer service communication 
  • Increased satisfaction for both customers and employees 
  • Clean data landscape, leading to centralized ticket resolution 

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