Cutting-Edge Data & Risk Management with ITOM

An integrated chemicals and energy company had scattered data sources across different systems, each providing information on health, status, and accessibility. Adopting ServiceNow ITOM (IT Operations Management), we successfully systemized their processes, and therefore enhanced the productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency in their IT workflow.


“We are doing smart innovations with the data you have.”  


Due to the scattered IT landscape, it was challenging for the employees to identify problems in the systems and assess their importance. The organization wanted to consolidate their data into a single environment to gain a holistic IT view, enabling predictive insights, rather than reactive responses. They wanted to proactively detect and address issues before they occur, to ensure efficient system operation and avoid potential mistakes.  


To achieve the desired outcomes, we focused on enhancing and automating their IT processes through the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine learning. Integrated within ServiceNow, all organizational systems were merged into a central data pool using a unified platform. Our team successfully set up a system to measure the causes triggering potential errors, optimizing comprehension of system behavior. The AI-powered system effectively filtered through the data, screening significant issues based on their importance and impact on chained services. 


Our ITOM solution fundamentally transformed IT operations, intensifying productivity and efficiency. Thanks to our technology-driven team, the company is now able to monitor all their IT processes through one system, and to measure the triggers more quickly. The solution allowed them to act to prevent crucial accidents.  

Our knowledgeable approach was able to bring exceptional business value by:  

  • Establishing a risk management system 
  • Systemizing and automating sophisticated IT processes 
  • Enhancing scalability and agility 



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