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A group of companies required a versatile platform designed to seamlessly collect and channel information across the entire company group, facilitating smooth flow and accessibility of data from one entity to another. We were able to deal with the complexity of their demand and to tailor a personalized approach to the ITSM (IT Service Management) solution. 




The core of our client’s problem formed in their newest IT company that was struggling to manage all the IT services. That is why they needed to get ahold of a new platform to streamline all of their processes. The use of several distinct platforms for channeling all the tickets and cases was the main cause of their ineffective IT service management. Employees frequently struggled to keep track of the instances and to approach their work in a productive manner. Integrating one platform that incorporates all channels would decrease the work load burden for the agents, and therefore, improve customer experience.  


Chosen for our rich expertise portfolio and pragmatic approach to work, our team embarked on the development of an integrated ITSM solution. We came up with a solution to seamlessly channel a multitude of cases to the IT department from various companies within the group. 


By reducing the workload for employees in managing cases and tickets, we effectively streamlined their processes. Consolidating numerous separate systems into a single, unified platform significantly aided in simplifying their tasks. We successfully documented their achieved business objectives, demonstrating the tangible business value we contributed to our client’s organization. 

The business value that we brought:

  • Decreased the workload for its IT employees 
  • Increased efficiency in their work flow
  • Reduced effort to handle all the cases  
  • Automation of manual processes
  • Improved user experience

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