Elevating Employee Experience with WSD

A large European port wanted to utilize a WSD (Workplace Service Delivery) module to boost employee experience and productivity in the enterprise, aiming to achieve greater, more valuable results. Leading them through the process proved our outstanding capabilities, bringing excellent results for the agents for a limited period of time.


“Through the broad ServiceNow expertise and Agile approach of Plat4mation, the implementation was a great success. We fully embrace the vision of Workplace Service Delivery.’’​ 


Before, all inquiries inside the company regarding workplace services were directed to a Facilities Service Center, which, unfortunately, encountered a number of issues due to the huge burden of their workload. Those included inefficient manual processes, a lack of action towards new requests, and difficulties monitoring ticket resolution time. The team’s work grew more challenging as a result of the disorganized processes. Additionally, due to unhealthy data, employees struggled to identify industry trends to determine how to improve their services. The company needed a major workplace adjustment to fix the issues and to speed up their workflow. 



Our team of experienced WSD professionals dived into the issues on a deeper level and utilized powerful Out-of-the-Box capabilities to tailor the solutions to the specific needs of the client, ensuring optimal functionality and end user experience. We adopted Reservation Management, Case Management and Visitor Management, including a single customer-branded facilities portal. 



With our WSD business solution, the organization succeeded in providing end users with an optimized version of their Digital Facilities Portal to get informed, reserve items and workplaces, and make office service requests accessible from any place any time and any device. In addition, the strong adopted dashboard capabilities enabled employees and managers from the Facilities Service Center to have valuable insights that open them a room for action. Overall, WSD adoption boosted organizational efficiency and user happiness, becoming a crucial innovation in their simplified workplace management. 

The business value that we brought:

  • Enhanced user experience and accessibility 
  • Streamlined workplace requests 
  • Provided employees with actionable insights  
  • Improved organizational efficiency 

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