Launchpad for Startups: An Adaptive CSM Application

Our client represents a business unit with an objective to target a specific customer segment – young entrepreneurs with start-up business ideas, or small business owners with little to no personnel. We stepped in with our expertise to create an automated portal so that they could streamline all the legislative and regulatory processes that come with a growing organization. This way, their people could focus on what truly matters in their work without the burden of non-automated activities. Hereby to make their work flow.  

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Aiming to take the client’s CSM (Customer Service Management) to the next level, we teamed up to establish a website that is all about simplifying business start-up procedures. A page where people who want to create their own company get the chance to receive all the necessary information and guidance through the process – Just a few clicks, and they are on the way. Every detail provided flows seamlessly into the portal. Then, the platform takes all the information and orchestrates the full administrative process that hides behind setting up a company. Due to automation, what used to be a lengthy process now wraps up in just one day.  


In case of a mistake in the automated process, there is always a back-up agent who is ready to pick up the process from where it failed, so the set up can continue at the same quick pace. The flow is extremely facilitated for the employees as well, who can find any information easily through the portal, instead of having to browse through numerous systems. With our ServiceNow adoption we were able to streamline everything in one platform, and to give the agents a 360-degree picture of their customers. 


The core business value objective of this project was to reduce the administrative overhead of the agents and facilitate their workflow. With the wired systems that connect all the information together, ServiceNow gives us the possibility to streamline the full process to get data from everywhere and to truly ensure that work flows for our customers. 

 What our CSM application resulted in is: 

  • Automation of manual processes 
  • Possibility for quick action and outcomes 
  • Enhanced efficiency, productivity and employee convenience 
  • Streamlined 360-degree customer view  
  • Higher satisfaction rates  

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