Managing New Product Development with Ease

We guided our client, a large European bakery group, in adopting a New Product Development (NPD) solution in reaction to their demand for faster and cheaper ways to deliver new products to their customers. Hereby, to become more successful as a production company and optimize their product portfolio. We helped them consolidate their data to support informed decision–making across all stakeholders as well.

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The company needed our support with handling the large number of NPD projects and increase the overview of the total product portfolio and its progress status. They also sought to improve their priority setting, project execution and benefit realization. Our technology adoption had to support the company in the adaptation of their business strategy and value creation for both the employees, and the customers, in order to boost their productivity flow. 


Striving to achieve excellent, low-cost results, we successfully delivered a hassle-free NPD solution that seamlessly integrates with other parts of the organization and allows the onboarding of new portfolio products, as well external integrations. The bakery group is now able to fully integrate new product initiatives to their business strategy in order to extract true value from the NPD process. This helps them further enhance their position in the market and completely outperform the competition. 


Our expertise and proactive mentality contributed to: 

  • A transparent and coherent product portfolio
  • Clear project visibility and insights
  • Easier realization of the business strategy 
  • True value for the customers and employees 

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