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Our client records an exceptional expertise in development and manufacturing of photolithography systems, used to produce computer chips. As a result of the major digitalization worldwide, and the ever-increasing demand for chips, the company is facing a rapid expansion in size. Therefore, they are having difficulties to mature their capabilities to supply advanced, cutting-edge products and services, while having to organize a large number of people. With our solution we successfully set up a clear governance and ownership of IT services, processes, and data. 



Due to the huge wave of incoming employees monthly and the growing technical complexity, the company has encountered various setbacks, which have led to difficulties maintaining their value stream over time. They struggled to keep their IT services clear and consistent, which was usually the reason for their unpredictable, unsatisfactory results. The usage of outdated tools and processes was a major reason for unsuccessful projects. As a consequence, many chances for development for the organization and the people were often underutilized and missed. To run smoothly, the company had to manage their IT landscape more effectively and establish governance over their data. 



Our team went the extra mile to provide expertise on Advisory, Implementational and Managed Services level to ensure 100% IT Excellence, and to set up a clear governance and ownership of IT services, processes, and data. With this, we provided the following solutions:

  • Standardized, streamlined, and automated IT workflows & dashboards
  • Self-healing CMDB with a uniform data taxonomy & automated population  
  • Out-of-the-box ServiceNow ITSM, ITOM modules



  • Harmonized organizational processes. 
  • Facilitated the sophisticated experience of managing data. 
  • Increased data quality in terms of compliance, correctness, and completeness. 

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