Streamlining Compliance and IT Risk Management

A large multinational pharmaceutical company was seeking guidance on their digital transformation journey, with a mission to harness their Out-of-the-Box capabilities to bridge the gap between their operational IT department and the Risk & Compliance sector.


“Plat4mation has shown great capabilities from a subject matter perspective. They are able to understand our business need and proactively propose innovative solutions that deliver great benefits through the ServiceNow platform.”​   


As a large multinational company operating in a heavily regulated industry, our client needed to demonstrate compliance with a vast array of legislative and regulatory requirements. To guarantee that the company works within the public health and safety laws, compliance with these regulations was essential. Due to a heavily scattered IT landscape, which had limited standardization of IT risk and control processes, the cost of compliance has been increasing over the past years. The limitations rooting in those issues, led to poor insights into to the enterprise-wide risk and compliance posture.  

Overall, those circumstances were resulting in an escalation of the business’s operational expenditures and impeding its capability to facilitate well-informed, risk-based decisions across all its operations. 



Confident in bringing 100% excellence and value, our team took a holistic approach to help the company understand what changes were needed to organize people and processes effectively. This aimed at improving the IT GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) and Security maturity levels throughout the organization. We identified that following industry best practices, which we supported, was crucial for them to reach their desired objective and set up a strong technological base for advanced IT processes. We created a GRC Blueprint as a starting point for the collaborative development and implementation of an integrated roadmap for managing Enterprise Integrated Risks, Compliance, and Security roadmap.  



The approach undertaken by our team added substantial value to the company. By providing guidance on their digital transformation journey and leveraging Out-of-the-Box capabilities, we facilitated a seamless alignment between the operational IT department and the crucial Risk & Compliance sector. The major driven value of our solutions lies in several key aspects, including: 

  • Visioning a clear Roadmap for Growth 
  • Efficient use of Resources 
  • Agility and Flexibility 
  • Enhanced Maturity level 

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