Top-Notch Incident Management: ITSM & ITOM integration

We navigated a company that provides Information Technology Services and Solutions to reduce incidents resolution time dramatically. By adopting IT Service and Operations Management, we succeeded in taking their ticket routing and service performance to the next level. Our outstanding technology adoptions brought a new, streamlined and consolidated IT environment for their business, allowing them to better manage and deal with the cases.

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“Plat4mation is a very knowledgeable and flexible partner. We really liked working with them. The project was a great success.


The company struggled with scattered IT landscape, resulting in inconsistent incident management. They needed a non-stop cloud environment with high-end IT Service Management processes, functioning seamlessly across multiple vendors. With this optimized IT environment, they wanted to track and support all the important processes that are vital for the company’s functionality, in order to maintain operating effectively. 


We took a holistic approach to achieving complete digital excellence, combining ITSM monitoring tools to integrate our process management. Furthermore, our team was able to create a service-aware Configuration Management Database (CMDB) with real-time insights on the availability of vital business processes through the deployment of IT Operations Management (ITOM) modules. 


Our efforts resulted in reducing resolution times by 80% through improved incident routing. Also, we provided a better insight into the root cause of outages, so employees can track and resolve them quicker. With our system, employees are now able to better prioritize incidents, and therefore boost their performance. Those advancements enhanced cooperation between customers and the service providers and brought personal and professional satisfaction for the agents.  

Personalizing our ITSM and ITOM solutions, we contributed for: 

  • Enhanced incident prioritization, leading to improved employee performance 
  • Better collaboration between the company and their customers 
  • Boosted personal and professional development for the employees 

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