Uplifted Communication Flow with CSM Integration

In collaboration with an IT Communications company, we were able to improve the communication flow with their partners. By integrating a Customer Service Management (CSM) solution, our team provided a scalable and automated portal, on which people can easily log cases, resolve issues, and fulfill support.

“Thanks to Plat4mation’s knowledgeable approach to achieving faster resolution times, our partners’ end-users enjoy excellent Telecom and Network services with minimized interruptions.” 


In customer service, the company’s operations were based on manual processes. Those old practices were resulting in long ticket resolution times, lack of transparency and an inability to efficiently resolve issues. Aiming to innovate and automate their current tooling, our client sought a scalable solution that could consolidate all process handling in one single system. 


Combining Case Management, Knowledge Management, Agent Workspace, and a Virtual Agent, our client now provides their partners with a global one-stop shop where they can raise cases and request services, or simply search the knowledge base. The CSM integration allowed them to work more effectively and transparently, which boosted employee’s and partners’ satisfaction from the collaboration. 


With the out-of-the-box CSM solutions, the company is now equipped with industry best practices and a platform to continuously provide their partners with the best customer service. The seamless integration of our adoption with their in-house data management application resulted in shorter case resolution times and higher customer satisfaction. We delivered the following strong business value: 

  • Happy employees, leading to happier customers 
  • An automated system that serves over 5k partners and 200k customers, with over 3 million subscriptions 
  • Optimized workspace, boosting the productivity flow 

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