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Creator Workflows Webinar

Thursday, 16 May at 4:00 PM CEST \ 10 AM EDT

Are you ready to innovate on your ServiceNow instance with delegated low-code development? Join us at our exclusive Learn, Build, and Govern Webinar where industry experts will guide you through the ins and outs of delegated low-code development on ServiceNow.


​About the event

This event is for business app development professionals. Discover how effective governance can build trust and impact in your organization. Whether you’re new or experienced with ServiceNow, gain valuable insights to enhance your low-code development skills.

For whom: 

  • Enterprise Architects  
  • Platform Owners  
  • IT Governance Professionals  
  • Software Development Managers  
  • Functional Analysts
  • Demand Managers  
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1. Setting up the right skill set 

Explore essentials for effective low-code development, aligning team capabilities with modern business demands.

2. Building with control

Understand challenges of scaling business applications without losing control. Discover governance strategies, ensuring harmonious workflows.

3. Insights into business application development
Gain monitoring insights, analyze application usage. Learn techniques for enhanced IT control, ensuring solutions fit enterprise needs


Jules Weijters

Solution Consulting Manager

Tim Simon

Delivery Lead & Capability Lead

Ashutosh Munot

9X ServiceNow MVP


Is there a cost associated with attending the webinar?

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No, it is free to attend. 

Can attendees ask questions during the webinar?

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Absolutely! There will be opportunities for attendees to engage with the speakers through live Q&A sessions and chat functionalities.

Do I need prior coding experience?

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No. ServiceNow’s intuitive interfaces and pre-built components empower users with varying skill levels to create powerful applications without extensive coding knowledge.

What is low-code development on ServiceNow?

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Check out our guide to learn more about low-code app development on ServiceNow – A Beginner’s Guide to ServiceNow Application Development (