GenAIus Discovery


Explore the world of GenAI by sponsoring dedicated teams, allowing two people from your company to actively participate in hackathon projects tailored to your needs and equipped with the guidance of our experts.  

What’s included: 

  • Dedicated GenAI team: Work on a GenAI use case of your choice with the help and expertise of 3 highly skilled Plat4mation consultants and architects. If you need inspiration, we’re happy to provide it. 
  • Active Role in the hackathon: Two people from your company can join the hackathon project, gaining first-hand insights and experience. 
  • Two days and nights of hacking: Your GenAI team will work tirelessly on this project for two full days and nights.  
  • Feasibility advice: In just 24 hours, we’ll give you a professional evaluation of your project’s feasibility and advise on the next steps. 
  • Tailored training: This package also includes two days of insightful training of your choice for each team member, ensuring they acquire the knowledge and skills that matter most to you. 

This package is your key to shaping the future of AI within your company. 

Package price: 5000 EUR (transportation costs excluded) 

Note: Max 2 people per company for each GenAI team.