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NN Investment Partners (NNIP) is an asset management company based in the Netherlands. They work for institutional and individual investors around the world.


NNIP is transitioning to an Agile/DevOps organization and therefore selected ServiceNow to support their IT Value Cycle. The ServiceNow platform provides a complete set of modules to support their end-to-end processes, but additional functionality was required to provide users a smoother User Experience, to improve adoption of the platform and to support decision making.


Plat4mation assisted NNIP by co-developing a suite of applications (Agile4U) to address the challenge. The solution combines custom dashboards with standard ServiceNow functionality, in order to manage the whole agile process. Agile4U provides 3 specific dashboards: StoryMap, PortfolioWall and Scrumboard4U. In combination with the standard ServiceNow functionality, it creates a complete solution from defining your change initiatives until execution. On the one hand, this enabled NNIP to empower individual teams, who had to maintain the same data in multiple systems. On the other hand, it provided transparency for management, since they use the same system to define initiatives and use that data to make informed decisions.

Data visualized in dashboards will support decision making, but this is only effective if the data quality is good. By establishing mutual ownership from individual teams and management, we encouraged users to maintain the system and data (and adhere to guidelines). This improved data quality, which benefited both the organization and its users tremendously.


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Roel Schoenmakers Roel Schoenmakers
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
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